Monday, October 27, 2014

Our indian summer

I'm not always thrilled to live in California. I don't like the cost of living at all. I like nice weather, sure who doesn't. But I also really love true seasons. I've been craving fall like crazy and until just recently it's been a heat wave. So if it must be nearly ninety degrees in October the least we can do is get out and take advantage. Seriously we have had warmer beach days in October than we had all summer. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Two Months

What Elle loves:
  • her momma
  • being looked at and spoken too
  • laying on my chest
  • sitting up on my lap and looking around 
  • her crazy brothers giving her attention
  • baths.  she's ultra content in the bath even with crazy Jackson surrounding her in her bath chair with toys.   
  • her nursing pillow.  if she can't be held, she's happiest laying on my bed or the couch on her pillow. 
What Elle doesn't love:
  • diaper changes 
  • sitting at stop signs or lights in the car.  just like her brother she cries and cries until we get moving again.
  • being ignored.  she will start to fuss even if she's laying on my lap if I'm not looking at her or speaking to her.

Eats: momma's milk plus a few ounces a day of formula.  my supply is not quite meeting her demand.  

Sleeps: on and off all day.  six hour stretch at night then back to bed for another three hours.  

New tricks: Elle coos a lot now and its the sweetest little sound.  smiles are no longer attributed to gas.  she smiles all day for her momma especially. 

Stats: 9 lbs. and 22.5 inches.  weight gain is still a concern but spitting up has improved and the plan is to add a few more ounces a day to her diet through supplementation.  I'm starting to see a hint of rolls and her cheeks are plumping up and oh so kissable.