Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Day 2010

I love my family so much. James and I started the celebration yesterday. We went to a Mandarin temple session at the Oakland Temple (just to change things up; no, seriously, we were just late)! Then we went and shared a delicious burger and an even more delicious Sunday at Fentons in Piedmont. Haven't been? You have to go!

Today we went to church. Came home from church an hour later because Bentley dirtied his diaper twice, which has been going on for over a week now, and we decided we didn't want him to spread this lovely bug around nursery. We ate lunch. Then took a family nap. It was lovely. Bentley snored REALLY loud though (he's congested now too). Bentley sat on the counter while Mommy baked heart shaped cupcakes, frosted heart shaped sugar cookies, and baked a heart shaped strawberry, white chocolate pizza for Bentley. While on the counter Ben discovered one of the joys of childhood, liking the batter of the beaters. Then we went to the Greene's for a yummy dinner.

Hope your Valentines day was just as wonderful as ours!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ben's First Words

Ben has a vocabulary bank of about ten words currently. I know that will take off soon, since he has started to repeat more and more of what we are saying. Like a couple of days ago he said "mornin'" to his Papa, after my dad greeted him with a "good morning" as he was crawling down the stairs.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

G Diapers

Obviously the big trend is going green these days. And I am all for it. I'm not extreme or anything, mostly because being gree takes more green than not being green, but I do like to do my part. A stylish way that Bentley does his part everyday is with his g diapers. WHen I was pregnant James became curious about diapers. He thought that it was such a waste to change and throw away a complete diaper every time our future baby were to wet it. He had this idea of an insert that could be removed in layers. depending on how wet the diaper was. One day James' Aunt Staci wrote us that she found a diaper similar to James' idea. What she found was g diapers.

They are cloth diapers, with disposal or flushable inserts that you stick inside a plastic liner. Staci graciously offered a continuous supply of these adorable and environmentally friendly diapers as her gift to Bentley, and to us! We have loved them, and will continue to use them in the future on all our children's little bums. Bentley has super sensitve skin, and he rarely gets a diaper rash (only when he has continuous bad dirty diapers for several days).

They are really cute in all there fun colors. And they can be flushed down the toilet, meaning no waste. Even when they aren't flashed they biodegrade like ten times faster than normal diapers.

Thank you Staci for keeping Bentley's bum covered and green for all these months. We can't tell you how much we have appreciated it. Now, I wonder if they'll start making training pants. . .

New Years in Vegas Baby

On Christmas James surprised me with John Mayer tickets at our favorite venue, the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. So on Thursday after Christmas we packed all three of us into the car and made the long drive (made even longer with holiday traffic) to Vegas, and realized about half way there that we should have spent the extra $100 or so to fly! James' Nana and Papa live in Vegas, so they were very excited to have us and were in on the scheme with James.
We spent New Years Eve day looking at some of the kid approved hotels with Nana. I especially loved the Christmas display at the Bellagio, I think it was. The whole display was made from natural materials, such as flowers and acorns. It was beautiful.

The concert was amazing. The Joint is a really small venue, so we were about ten feet from John Mayer. Who by the way makes the craziest faces when he sings. But he is an amazing performer. His skills on the guitar are almost more impressive then his singing and song writing skills. We experienced two things while in line to get in to the concert that reminded us what a crazy place Vegas is. The girl two people behind us collapsed at our feet (alcohol induced). And these crazy John Mayer fans (they have been to twenty shows and were from some east coast state) lost their tickets and weren't allowed in. One of the girls was still sitting outside the building, tears in her eyes after the concert. It was sad.
Bentley meanwhile spent that night and the next with his Nana and Papa being spoiled. Nana even broke down and slept with Bentley (his favorite treat of all). It was so nice to see them with him. I just love for him to be around family, since we were living around none for so long. We wish that Nana and Papa Mike lived closer, but we love getting to visit them in good old Las Vegas. It makes for a fun little get away.