Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Transformation Tuesday

When I searched through all our baby stuff a while ago, I started to pull things that could also work for baby girl and some other things I thought could work with some tweaking.  So far I have had a fun time transforming some of those items into cute pieces for baby girl.  I thought that I would start a weekly (for a while until my ideas run out) post where I showcase some of my transformations.  First up is a button-down onesie of Jackson's (size 12-18 months).
My first thought was to keep the onesie and the elastic legs and turn it into a romper.  I first cut off the sleeves and the collar and was going to make it into a sleeveless romper.  I wasn't really feeling it, so I kept chopping.  I chopped the elastic legs off and turned it into a shirt.  Then I decided to add some lace trim on the sleeves and I love how it turned out.  I really chopped out a lot of material from the sides to make it much smaller than it's original 12-18 months size so baby girl can wear it while it's still warm after she's born.  It measures around a 0-3 month size now.  I plan on pairing it with these soft chambray bloomers I also made and a large felt bow.  Can't wait to see my girl rocking her new top.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Always an Adventure

Today we ventured to a new park in a nearby town to check out what all the hype was about regarding a giant slide. It did not disappoint but man did it make me nervous. The boys flew down the thing and it was solid cement. They had a good time and went several rounds on it until Ben decided to send Jackson down solo against my wishes and I made us go. They were ready anyway.
The park grounds were so gorgeous and then as we were walking back to our car the most beautiful view of the bay and the city caught our eyes. Then we looked down into the side of the hill and there was a gorgeous rosé garden. The boys made their very pregnant mama walk and climb all around exploring the grounds. We are talking lots and lots of stairs with no hand rails. I'm going to put myself into labor soon if I keep adventuring with my crew like today. Which wouldn't be such a bad thing. I'm ready for this girl.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Just Beachy

We have this amazing beach only about twenty minutes away from our home.  And since James has "hired" Ben to do door-to-door flyers for our business in the city where it's located, we've been frequenting it before we do our job.  The boys have been absolutely loving the beach.  They can seriously dig for hours and I can finally trust Jackson to not just go running for the ocean every few minutes.  It's been surprisingly warm our last couple of visits, so on this particular occasion I was not prepared for them to get in the water, as you'll see as you scroll down.  We happened to find the perfect little pool of water protected from the ocean by a large sandy bank.  It was warm and only about six inches deep so the boys couldn't resist.  I love it because I can sit back in my chair, relax, feel the breeze, and just watch the boys from a distance enjoying themselves.  Life is going to change soon for my little crew and I; just trying to soak in the rest of our summer and create some good memories.  Hoping for several more beachy days before d-day and maybe one more with baby sister in tote before Ben heads off to kindergarten end of next month. : ) 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Our 4th

We kicked off our 4th the way it always should be.  With a good old fashioned hometown parade.  It was hot, the paraders were mostly army vets and government officials in convertibles, and the candy was definitely not flowing- the boys only came home with a temporary tattoo, one piece of candy, and a coupon for cream cheese- but all in all it was a good time.  Made me feel patriotic at least.  
We came home for sandwiches and watermelon and then took a wonderful nap- all except Ben.  I think he's the biggest fan of my naps with Jackson, which are frequent now in my third trimester, because he gets the house to himself and most importantly, the pantry.  Which I know he raids, no matter how much he tries to hide it.  Once we were all refreshed we changed into warmer clothes for the cooler weather as we headed towards the city to beautiful Sausalito.  We enjoyed a pizza- don't holidays always revolve around food- and walked around next to the water for a bit.  My father-in-law attempted to take a family photo for us, but somehow it didn't take or disappeared from my camera.  The goofy one below of Jackson and I at least proofs that I was there.  
Right before sunset we light the pizza oven for our traditional s'more roast and then headed outside to wait for the fireworks.  I just love the photo below of my boys.  I walked out and there they were snuggled up together, Ben pointing out to Jackson the large barge where the fireworks shoot off from saying "see that pirate looking ship, I think that's where the fireworks are going to come from."  Sometimes they are so sweet.  Usually when they think mommy isn't watching.  
I joined the boys in the chaise and watched a wonderful show, fighting back tears as I listened to Jackson exclaiming almost every firework, "oh, I like that one!"  or "what was that?" A firework Jackson.  I almost always get teary over fireworks for some reason, but watching them with my kids puts me over the top.