Monday, July 7, 2014

Our 4th

We kicked off our 4th the way it always should be.  With a good old fashioned hometown parade.  It was hot, the paraders were mostly army vets and government officials in convertibles, and the candy was definitely not flowing- the boys only came home with a temporary tattoo, one piece of candy, and a coupon for cream cheese- but all in all it was a good time.  Made me feel patriotic at least.  
We came home for sandwiches and watermelon and then took a wonderful nap- all except Ben.  I think he's the biggest fan of my naps with Jackson, which are frequent now in my third trimester, because he gets the house to himself and most importantly, the pantry.  Which I know he raids, no matter how much he tries to hide it.  Once we were all refreshed we changed into warmer clothes for the cooler weather as we headed towards the city to beautiful Sausalito.  We enjoyed a pizza- don't holidays always revolve around food- and walked around next to the water for a bit.  My father-in-law attempted to take a family photo for us, but somehow it didn't take or disappeared from my camera.  The goofy one below of Jackson and I at least proofs that I was there.  
Right before sunset we light the pizza oven for our traditional s'more roast and then headed outside to wait for the fireworks.  I just love the photo below of my boys.  I walked out and there they were snuggled up together, Ben pointing out to Jackson the large barge where the fireworks shoot off from saying "see that pirate looking ship, I think that's where the fireworks are going to come from."  Sometimes they are so sweet.  Usually when they think mommy isn't watching.  
I joined the boys in the chaise and watched a wonderful show, fighting back tears as I listened to Jackson exclaiming almost every firework, "oh, I like that one!"  or "what was that?" A firework Jackson.  I almost always get teary over fireworks for some reason, but watching them with my kids puts me over the top.  

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