Thursday, July 17, 2014

Just Beachy

We have this amazing beach only about twenty minutes away from our home.  And since James has "hired" Ben to do door-to-door flyers for our business in the city where it's located, we've been frequenting it before we do our job.  The boys have been absolutely loving the beach.  They can seriously dig for hours and I can finally trust Jackson to not just go running for the ocean every few minutes.  It's been surprisingly warm our last couple of visits, so on this particular occasion I was not prepared for them to get in the water, as you'll see as you scroll down.  We happened to find the perfect little pool of water protected from the ocean by a large sandy bank.  It was warm and only about six inches deep so the boys couldn't resist.  I love it because I can sit back in my chair, relax, feel the breeze, and just watch the boys from a distance enjoying themselves.  Life is going to change soon for my little crew and I; just trying to soak in the rest of our summer and create some good memories.  Hoping for several more beachy days before d-day and maybe one more with baby sister in tote before Ben heads off to kindergarten end of next month. : ) 

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