Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Transformation Tuesday

When I searched through all our baby stuff a while ago, I started to pull things that could also work for baby girl and some other things I thought could work with some tweaking.  So far I have had a fun time transforming some of those items into cute pieces for baby girl.  I thought that I would start a weekly (for a while until my ideas run out) post where I showcase some of my transformations.  First up is a button-down onesie of Jackson's (size 12-18 months).
My first thought was to keep the onesie and the elastic legs and turn it into a romper.  I first cut off the sleeves and the collar and was going to make it into a sleeveless romper.  I wasn't really feeling it, so I kept chopping.  I chopped the elastic legs off and turned it into a shirt.  Then I decided to add some lace trim on the sleeves and I love how it turned out.  I really chopped out a lot of material from the sides to make it much smaller than it's original 12-18 months size so baby girl can wear it while it's still warm after she's born.  It measures around a 0-3 month size now.  I plan on pairing it with these soft chambray bloomers I also made and a large felt bow.  Can't wait to see my girl rocking her new top.

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