Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Weekend

Friday:  We started Memorial Day weekend off at the pool the way it should always be kicked off.  Even though we've been swimming for well over a month here in sunny California, it is the official start of summer so only seems fit.  James had lots of work to do at home so after a work out, the boys and I hit the pool mid afternoon and didn't come home till the sun was nearly setting.
Saturday:  A donut run started off our day as per tradition.  But this time we opted for Krispy Kreme.  It was the boy's first time and my first time since high school.  They enjoyed watching the whole donut operation behind the clear glass walls.  Other than some house work and yard work for me we pretty much all had a lazy day.  Jackson napped long enough for first James to join him and then me.  Best nap for me in a long time. : )  When I woke up I heard that even Ben fell asleep on the couch with James and James posted the Instagram pic to proof it.
Sunday:  Another lazy morning followed by church followed by a lazy evening with a little bit of friend chicken and corn-on-the-cob in there somewhere.
Monday:  Spent the day a few cities over at a Wind and Art festival.  Where Ben showed his bravery in climbing almost to the top of the rock wall, and Jackson after proving he just makes the 36" height cut off, showed his fearlessness and rode all the carney rides right alongside his brother.  James, his dad, and his brother opted out early to go to the car dealership to see if there were any amazing memorial day offerings (we're on the hunt for a bigger car to accommodate baby sister).  While the boys, myself, and my mother-in-law went and cooled off at Cold Stone (it was so hot!)- we made the better choice.
Tuesday:  The boys got into the true spirit of the holiday with their Papa and Great-Grandpa at a WWII airplane show.  They spent a couple hours climbing all over the vintage aircrafts and mommy spent her alone time running some errands that she never likes to do with them in tote.  Win-win!  
I'm so thankful to live in this great country of ours and for all those men and women, past and present who make care free American weekends like this last one possible.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Newborn Session: Emma Kelly

I took some newborn pics for my sister today of my niece.  She is eight days old today.  Things started off pretty rough because she was so wide awake.  When we would finally get her to sleep and attempt to unwrap her from her blanket she would start to stir and then wake up.  The first few photos were the best of the bunch after several hours of on and off shooting.  Luckily the day ended up a success when I suggested we swaddle her in a light muslin swaddle and get her to sleep and simply take pics of her wrapped in the blanket in her crib.  No more unwrapping her, no more trying to prop her into any basket, trunk, etc.  And guess what?  She stayed soundly asleep.  Who would have thought that babies just want to be snug and warm and comfortable.  Took us long enough.  Ha.  I love how they ended up and was happy to capture her teeny tininess for my sister.  Made me even more excited for my little girl.  The bloomers pictured in the first three I made for Emma.  It was so fun to see my little creation on a little person.  I thought they looked so cute.
Big sister taking a peek.  This is the best I could do.  I had to sneak a matching bow in her hair and not act like I was taking any photos.  I would have loved to get more of her face in it but she was off and running right after this.  She hates me taking her picture so much that when my sister told her I was coming over today she said, "I don't want her to take my picture!"  Too funny.  Hopefully she'll get vain soon and wont mind posing in front of the camera for me. : ) 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My New Niece

My sister gave birth to her second daughter last Wednesday, May 14th, and I got to be there!!!  I didn't make it in time for her first daughter, because of her record fast labor.  I was super anxious that I was going to miss this one too for that reason.  I was able to get to the hospital within an hour from receiving her call that she was headed there and thought for sure I had missed it.  I ran all the way from the parking lot, stopping twice to ask where labor and delivery was.  It didn't dawn on me until the second time I was asking directions why I was getting all the strange looks.  I looked down at my own belly and laughed while explaining it was not for me.  I continued to run until I was directed to an admitting room where I found my sister still pregnant.  Phew.  Things progressed quickly from there and after struggling with the pain and nearly breaking my hand off, my sister opted for an epidural.  Last go around she was too late in the game for this, so we all breathed a sigh of relief when that medicine went in.  
Big sister, Ashlynn spent some time in the room before her Grandpa and her excused themselves.  And no more than ten minutes or so after that baby sister, Emma Kelly was born.  
This was the first birth I've witnessed besides the active role I've played in the birth of my two sons.  Such an amazing thing to see.  Man my sister rocks labor and delivery and had that girl out in two big pushes.  Super jealous over here.  Emma came out with a full head of dark hair and the plumpest, reddest lips ever.  
After lots of snuggles with mom, Emma was weighed at almost 8 lbs. exactly and measured at 20 inches.  She scored a perfect 10 on the Apgar scale, enjoyed a bath, and then went right back into mom's arms.  
I pulled myself away long enough to go pick up her big cousins and bring them back to meet the newest addition to the family.  Jackson's reaction was so cute as he was all smiles and kept attempting to lightly reach out and tickle her feet.  Made me even more excited to see both him and Ben with their own little baby girl.  
Congratulations to the Wadkins family.  We are so thrilled to have little Emma here and that everyone is healthy and safe.  Just wish them luck with their too smart for her own good little Ashlynn who's having some trouble adjusting so far.  Hang in there Kate.  She'll learn to share the throne sooner than later.  Love you guys! 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Greene Family Cruise: We Ruled the Night

First of all we really lucked out with getting the earlier dinner spot.  Our time was at 5:30 and the other time was at 8.  Not only would i have been starving by the later spot, but we would have missed out on the key entertainment hours aboard.  We usually took about two hours to eat.  The food was excellent.  The breakfast and lunch at the buffet was good but nothing fantastic, but the restaurant dinners were delicious and it was fun to dress up a couple of the nights, since fancy date nights are few and far between for James and I.  
We made the most out of our nights and I believe did a little bit of everything.  Our favorite spot was the Star Lounge where James and Andrew became frequent karaoke performers, performing a couple solos and a couple duets.  We also performed a lively family number and got everyone in the place on the dance floor with Pharrell's "Because I'm Happy!"  After getting in good with the cruise's activity directors we were also chosen to participate in The Family Feud.  We didn't win, but they completely didn't hold true to the actual show, which just annoyed James and I who love Family Feud, so we weren't too upset.  
We walked out on a couple comedians because a) they were inappropriate and b) they weren't all that funny.  There was a pretty amazing juggler but the best performance of the week was The Newlywed Game featuring our very own Jayson and Kaitlin.  To "audition" for the show, they along with Andrew and Amanda and other newlywed couples had to come to the front of the theater and well, make out.  It was hilarious, but probably slightly awkward for my father-in-law.  Andrew went with the classic dip and passionate kiss.  Whereas, Jayson and Kaitlin went the legs wrapped around the waste, make out session on the stage route.  It got even more awkward when they were asked questions like "where's the craziest place you've made whoopee?" and "what movie title best describes your love life?"  There answer's were "on a cruise" and "Fast and Furious."  The ended up taking home the win, and the funny part was it played on the cruise's TV channel again and again, so they soon became recognizable around the boat.  

James had to catch a little bit of the NBA Finals. 
I think we only called it a night before midnight once all week.  It was pretty exhausting, especially with all our early mornings but we sure did have lots of fun and made lots of memories.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day started in the typical way with breakfast.  In the dining room.  Cooked by me.  Now social media sometimes leads me to belief that I'm the only woman in the whole wide world who doesn't get breakfast served to her in bed, prepared by her husband.  But surely I cannot be.  So just in case there is anyone out there reading this who thinks the same. At least you know there is one other person whom this is not a reality for.  Now I'm sure my husband would do this, if he knew at all how to cook.  But beyond pouring a bowl of cereal, the man is helpless in that arena.  I was still happy to have some yummy breakfast, even if I did have to make it myself.  Beats the eggos I normally prepare.  
James gave me my gift a few weeks prior to the big day.  It was the night before we were leaving on our cruise.  I was a mess.  Crying on the floor of our room while packing.  I had major anxiety about leaving the kids because all these crazy what ifs kept popping into my mind.  What if something happened to one of the children?  What if something happened to us?  In an attempt to fix me, James gave me my early Mother's Day present.  A black Tory Burch beach bag, which I love and was the perfect bag for the trip.  Thanks hunny.  Ben presented me with my gifts from him on the morning of however.  First up my card.  That's he and I in the heart.  He's also really into drawing arrows.  They are supposed to indicate from Ben to Mommy, with an I Love You in the middle.  The little square rectangle papers below are my gift cards.  One is good for ten days (notice the 01- I think he may be dyslexic) of good behavior, and the other is good for ten days of making breakfast (he discovered that he too is capable of popping an eggo into the toaster, which he then hand rips into pieces for himself and for Jackson).  Best presents ever.  Even better than the bag.  Sorry hunny, but it's true! 
James ended up having to go into the store (owning your own business is no joke and we are trying to work out some personnel kinks and figure out all together if we are going to keep the shop open on Sundays in the future).  Anyway, I attempted to give these boys a bath and start to get us ready, but then I ended up falling asleep on the couch only to wake up right before church and decided to give myself the gift of a day off.  Kinda lame of me I know, but energy hasn't been my best friend lately, and I needed some rest, so Jackson and I continued to snooze in my bed.  
Late afternoon we headed to Sausalito for a lovely Mother's Day dinner with family.  My parents left for Hawaii the day before, so I celebrated with my mom and sister earlier that week over pedicures and frozen yogurt.  I was very happy to celebrate on the day of with my wonderful mother-in-law and extended family.  It was such a gorgeous day for the city.  I think it must have been high eighties.  We dined outside while the three amigos climbed all over the hill, giving me a heart attack, and sneaking bundtinis from the kitchen.  I think Jackson snuck three.  
My night ended much like it began, in the typical fashion.  About thirty minutes after putting the boys to bed, Ben walked out of his room, across the living and dining rooms and into the kitchen.  I could tell immediately by his sleep walking state what he was about to do.  I yelled out, don't pee in the kitchen, to which James looked at me like "what the what?" and then it happened.  The kid opened the cabinet door, and peed into the garbage can.  This has happened a couple of times before.  My mother's brother used to do the exact same thing.  Luckily he was a good aim.  Oh parenting you never cease to amaze me.