Thursday, May 22, 2014

Newborn Session: Emma Kelly

I took some newborn pics for my sister today of my niece.  She is eight days old today.  Things started off pretty rough because she was so wide awake.  When we would finally get her to sleep and attempt to unwrap her from her blanket she would start to stir and then wake up.  The first few photos were the best of the bunch after several hours of on and off shooting.  Luckily the day ended up a success when I suggested we swaddle her in a light muslin swaddle and get her to sleep and simply take pics of her wrapped in the blanket in her crib.  No more unwrapping her, no more trying to prop her into any basket, trunk, etc.  And guess what?  She stayed soundly asleep.  Who would have thought that babies just want to be snug and warm and comfortable.  Took us long enough.  Ha.  I love how they ended up and was happy to capture her teeny tininess for my sister.  Made me even more excited for my little girl.  The bloomers pictured in the first three I made for Emma.  It was so fun to see my little creation on a little person.  I thought they looked so cute.
Big sister taking a peek.  This is the best I could do.  I had to sneak a matching bow in her hair and not act like I was taking any photos.  I would have loved to get more of her face in it but she was off and running right after this.  She hates me taking her picture so much that when my sister told her I was coming over today she said, "I don't want her to take my picture!"  Too funny.  Hopefully she'll get vain soon and wont mind posing in front of the camera for me. : ) 

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