Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My New Niece

My sister gave birth to her second daughter last Wednesday, May 14th, and I got to be there!!!  I didn't make it in time for her first daughter, because of her record fast labor.  I was super anxious that I was going to miss this one too for that reason.  I was able to get to the hospital within an hour from receiving her call that she was headed there and thought for sure I had missed it.  I ran all the way from the parking lot, stopping twice to ask where labor and delivery was.  It didn't dawn on me until the second time I was asking directions why I was getting all the strange looks.  I looked down at my own belly and laughed while explaining it was not for me.  I continued to run until I was directed to an admitting room where I found my sister still pregnant.  Phew.  Things progressed quickly from there and after struggling with the pain and nearly breaking my hand off, my sister opted for an epidural.  Last go around she was too late in the game for this, so we all breathed a sigh of relief when that medicine went in.  
Big sister, Ashlynn spent some time in the room before her Grandpa and her excused themselves.  And no more than ten minutes or so after that baby sister, Emma Kelly was born.  
This was the first birth I've witnessed besides the active role I've played in the birth of my two sons.  Such an amazing thing to see.  Man my sister rocks labor and delivery and had that girl out in two big pushes.  Super jealous over here.  Emma came out with a full head of dark hair and the plumpest, reddest lips ever.  
After lots of snuggles with mom, Emma was weighed at almost 8 lbs. exactly and measured at 20 inches.  She scored a perfect 10 on the Apgar scale, enjoyed a bath, and then went right back into mom's arms.  
I pulled myself away long enough to go pick up her big cousins and bring them back to meet the newest addition to the family.  Jackson's reaction was so cute as he was all smiles and kept attempting to lightly reach out and tickle her feet.  Made me even more excited to see both him and Ben with their own little baby girl.  
Congratulations to the Wadkins family.  We are so thrilled to have little Emma here and that everyone is healthy and safe.  Just wish them luck with their too smart for her own good little Ashlynn who's having some trouble adjusting so far.  Hang in there Kate.  She'll learn to share the throne sooner than later.  Love you guys! 

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