Friday, May 9, 2014

Greene Family Cruise: Sea Days

Our long anticipated vacation did not disappoint and was the perfect combo of business and relaxation.  Our first two days onboard and our last day were sea days and this is where the relaxation part came into play.  We spent our first two mornings at the beautiful gym, and I enjoyed my treadmill view of the ocean.  My second morning also included a wonderful trip to the spa for a prenatal massage.  Heaven.  Especially for my very sore calves, which after two days walking up and down several flights of stairs on board, were begging for a rub down.  We never saw the inside of the gym after those two days but for good reason; we got plenty of exercise on our excursion days (more on that later).  
Several hours a day were spent like above and below.  Getting our tan on.  People watching.  
The boys spent a lot of time on this beautiful basketball court and even won the three-on-three tournament at the end of the week.  This top deck also had a rock climbing wall, mini golf course, and a surf simulator.  All the boys had their go at surfing and body boarding, and even Miss Amanda gave body surfing a go.  Her swim suit however, wasn't exactly up for the challenge.  I'll just leave that at that.  
I envisioned doing lots of reading, but only ended up getting in about 35 pages.  Naps ended up taking precedent.  I just hope I didn't look like the many many old ladies I saw around the boat passed out, mouth wide open.  
Thank goodness for our days at sea.  If our entire trip consisted of port days I would have needed a vacation after the vacation- man they wore this preggo girl out.  Like I said perfect combo.  Stay tuned for our adventures on land tomorrow.  

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