Sunday, May 18, 2014

Greene Family Cruise: We Ruled the Night

First of all we really lucked out with getting the earlier dinner spot.  Our time was at 5:30 and the other time was at 8.  Not only would i have been starving by the later spot, but we would have missed out on the key entertainment hours aboard.  We usually took about two hours to eat.  The food was excellent.  The breakfast and lunch at the buffet was good but nothing fantastic, but the restaurant dinners were delicious and it was fun to dress up a couple of the nights, since fancy date nights are few and far between for James and I.  
We made the most out of our nights and I believe did a little bit of everything.  Our favorite spot was the Star Lounge where James and Andrew became frequent karaoke performers, performing a couple solos and a couple duets.  We also performed a lively family number and got everyone in the place on the dance floor with Pharrell's "Because I'm Happy!"  After getting in good with the cruise's activity directors we were also chosen to participate in The Family Feud.  We didn't win, but they completely didn't hold true to the actual show, which just annoyed James and I who love Family Feud, so we weren't too upset.  
We walked out on a couple comedians because a) they were inappropriate and b) they weren't all that funny.  There was a pretty amazing juggler but the best performance of the week was The Newlywed Game featuring our very own Jayson and Kaitlin.  To "audition" for the show, they along with Andrew and Amanda and other newlywed couples had to come to the front of the theater and well, make out.  It was hilarious, but probably slightly awkward for my father-in-law.  Andrew went with the classic dip and passionate kiss.  Whereas, Jayson and Kaitlin went the legs wrapped around the waste, make out session on the stage route.  It got even more awkward when they were asked questions like "where's the craziest place you've made whoopee?" and "what movie title best describes your love life?"  There answer's were "on a cruise" and "Fast and Furious."  The ended up taking home the win, and the funny part was it played on the cruise's TV channel again and again, so they soon became recognizable around the boat.  

James had to catch a little bit of the NBA Finals. 
I think we only called it a night before midnight once all week.  It was pretty exhausting, especially with all our early mornings but we sure did have lots of fun and made lots of memories.

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