Saturday, May 10, 2014

Greene Family Cruise: Port Adventures

Our first stop was Honduras and zip lining was on the agenda.  For everyone except me. 
While these guys flew around in the trees like monkeys I found this cute little monkey to pose with.  He kept covering his eyes when being asked to smile and kept crawling all over my tummy, to which his owner kept saying, "you trying to find the other baby?!"  Luckily a lovely Honduran women kept me company during the wait.  After telling me that my bump was cute and then correctly predicting that I'm having a girl, she told me about how she just lost her own baby girl a few months ago at just a couple of weeks old.  She was born with a heart defect and they were finally getting ready to transport her to a better hospital for a surgery, when her little body gave out and she went back to Heaven.  It was amazing how strong and faithful Stayce was, telling me again and again that she knows her daughter is in Heaven and that God has a plan for her and her family.  It was really humbling hearing not only this but also all about the simple, modest, and happy life she is living with her other two children (both boys similar to my boys ages) and her husband.  
These photos crack me up.  That monkey was really funny.  In the top one it looks like he's kissing James' muscles, and in the bottom right, he's attempting to steal Jeff's hat.  Honduras was beautiful but our port seemed to be in a pretty rough part.  After their zip lining adventure we walked around town a little bit, but opted to just go back to the boat early to eat and spend the rest of the day.  
Our second stop was Belize and it began nice and early at 7 am.  We took a long bus ride, which made me feel like we were on a field trip, to this lovely forested area where we then hiked 1.5 miles through the rain forest to the back side of these caves.  Being in my current state I got the lovely perk of not having to make the journey with my large raft in tote like the rest of the gang.  Once reaching the caves we were linked up and pulled through these amazing caves filled with amazing rock formations, teeny tiny bats, and small waterfalls.  We didn't bring any cameras with us, but my brother-in-law did have his waterproof video camera so hopefully he got some cool footage.  Pretty incredible experience.  But I must say when we got back on the boat, I took a look at my feet and they looked slightly larger than normal.  Not much pain, but I suspected they had grown over the course of the day.  
Our third and final stop was Cozumel and the destination was a beautiful all inclusive resort, Xel Ha Park.  A beautiful, sprawling resort with snorkeling, cliff jumping, rope swings, hammocks, and wild life everywhere you looked.  I attempted some snorkeling but soon found out that my swollen feet were not a good match with the large flippers on my feet.  Pain with every kick.  So I spent the rest of my day out of water nervously watching the group cliff jump, dining on mexican food, and sipping on a virgin strawberry daiquiri.  
That day definitely sealed the deal for my feet.  It was formal night back on the boat that night and I could barely smash those babies into my strappy black heals.  The good part of the trip was I definitely walked off all the calories I consumed throughout the week.  Man I'm still going through food withdrawals.  Nothing is better than not having to cook.  

See how we spent our nights aboard tomorrow.  Last post I promise.  Just thought I'd save you from having to scroll through too many pics in one post.  

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