Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An Explanation

I have been negligent of my blog (until two days ago). But that is not all. I have been negligent of my housework (the house is usually picked up, but not all that clean). I have been negligent of meal preparation (I have prepared a real home cooked dinner maybe twice over the last couple months). I have been negligent in my own personal grooming (I love my black Nike baseball hat). Why? Because I'm . . .
I found out on Mother's Day. How fitting, right? I wasn't suspecting it since we only started trying about a month earlier, and much to my surprise it was positive. I wrapped up the little pee stick in a box and handed it to Ben saying that I got a present for him and daddy too. He opened it and with a strange look on his face asked, "what is it?" Once we explained that I had a baby in my tummy, he very happily exclaimed, "I so proud of you for getting a baby in your tummy!" He knew we were trying (whatever his little brain thought that meant), and was proud that we were able to accomplish our goal! Funny kid.
He has been amazing throughout the process so far. He kisses baby and tells it he loves it. He asks why my baby is "taking FOREVER!" And has been so supportive with me being sick. Always asking me how I'm feeling and being a great little nap buddy during our daily naps. And let me tell you I have been sick. Way worse than with Ben. For about two months I had:
NO energy
Extreme stomach aches
Constant nausea
Daily puking
Multiple migraines
But bye, bye first tri! I am 13 weeks along today and feeling much, much better. I'm already showing, which is a bit alarming. But I hear that's normal. We find out in about a month what we are having, and I seriously can't wait. I am much more anxious to find out than I was with Ben. I think it's because I really have a strong preference this time (not going to say, don't want to jinx it). But of course will be thrilled either way. Ben always used to say for the longest time that he wanted a baby sister, but has since changed his mind and has decided that a baby brother named Ben is what he really wants! Oh yah, and my sister is preggo too! About a month ahead of me. So this should be a lot of fun, or this could be very interesting. Two hormonal sister's hanging out could get crazy. We will just keep our visits short. Ha, ha!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sweet Summertime

Summer is just flying by so fast I can hardly believe it, and it doesn't always quite feel like summertime around here with the unusually cool weeks we've been having, but we have been able to squeeze in some good ol' fashioned summertime fun.
We have enjoyed a drive in movie or two. With the interesting sights (aka kids on top of SUV's), cheap price tag, and toddler-proofness, you can't really beat the drive in. My little car makes out into the perfect spot too. Although it hasn't been too comfy since we lost our air mattress plug, and although we gave it two good efforts to creatively plug in the air, we failed miserably both times, and spent the majority of the movies on the hard car floor.
Ben has enjoyed a cold snack or two. His favorites include slurpees from 7 Eleven, ice cream cones, and popsicles.
This week we went to a free concert in the park and actually got to see a known band, Neon Trees. It was pretty cold and we couldn't actually see the band, but a bag of cotton candy made it all worth it!
Yesterday our little cousin Dylan turned one and Tom and Auntie threw an amazing party for him on Angel Island. Ben enjoyed his first ever boat ride from Sausalito to the island. It was great weather for the city and we enjoyed a long, fun day with great family and friends.
I am hoping to still squeeze in a short camping trip before the summer completely passes us by, but we will see. Lots of things upcoming.


I'm finally getting around to blogging about a momentous occasion, Ben's third birthday. I really cannot believe that it has been three years already, even though it feels like this little boy has always been in my life. We kept the day low key with a yummy donut cake for breakfast, and a small family picnic dinner in the evening to celebrate. Ben thought he already had his birthday anyway (his party a couple weeks earlier).
Ben has grown up so much over the last few months, and is really a little person (not much baby left about him). There are so many things I can say (aka brag) about him, but in keeping with his years of life, I thought that I would mention the top three things I love about him.
1.) He is full of personality- Everyone has always told me since Ben was young, how much personality he has. He talks just about non-stop, and once he warms up, he is always the life of the party. He enjoys making people laugh and pays attention to what does it. While he is not always Mr. Outgoing, once comfortable, he will entertain people with singing and dancing. He is very much interested in music, just like his daddy. He knows the words (almost completely) to "Twinkle, Twinkle" and "Old McDonald." He listens very intently to songs on the radio in order to memorize a line or two from the chorus, and then very proudly announces that "I can sing that song now." His favorite song right now is Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" (so age appropriate I know). At his Auntie's wedding last weekend we had the DJ play it just for him, and he ran out onto the empty dance floor and performed a rousing breakdance number for everyone! He is always saying the funniest things, and I really kick myself for not recording down everyone of them. He even says the darndest things in his sleep. A couple nights ago he was in our bed and somehow managed to stick his foot down the husband's underwear. When James pulled his foot out, Ben half way awoke and asked his daddy "why did you take my sock off?" I honestly peed my pants a little in the morning when James told me this. : ) Ben really keeps us laughing in our house, and it's really fun for me to see how this outgoing, talkative, energetic little boy came from two people who aren't exactly all these things themselves. I have a feeling that because James and I look so similar, we are going to have one of those families where everyone really looks alike. But I know that each member will posses an amazing and truly unique personality, all their own. Ben has shown me that!
2.) He is so lovey- He tells both myself and his daddy that he loves us at least fifteen times a day (unprovoked)! He is always asking to snuggle, especially with James, because he knows how much his daddy loves to snuggle too. Ben is very compassionate and always asks me if I am feeling better when he knows I'm under the weather (usually with a migraine). He will even remember the next day if I go to sleep with a migraine, and will ask me first thing in the morning if my head is better. He loves his extended family and asks about them all the time and always wants to visit them. And when six-month-old Olivia (little girl I nanny for) gets dropped off in the morning he tells her she "looks beautiful" and gives her big hugs. I never have to beg for hugs either; all day he offers them and big kisses too. I sure hope this side of him lasts.
3.) He is so observant- Ben will notice right away if something has changed in the house. He always notices when I clean (more so than the husband). A few days ago I cleaned up his room while he was in the bathtub, and when he got out and walked into his room he said, "oh, mommy. My room looks beautiful." He notices when he, James, or myself are wearing something new. He'll ask where we got it and say it looks very nice. Being a guy, these kinds of things are huge. : ) His observant ways also make him very curious (not always a trait I love about him). Ben asks many, many, many questions a day. He can really make my head spin sometimes, but I know it means that he is and will be an eager learner. He always wants to know what's going on everyday, and doesn't forget a thing that I tell him; so if I say something to him, I better be for darn certain that it's going to happen, because he will remind me.
I love you baby and have enjoyed these last three years as your mommy! Happy birthday!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day

We had a great 4th of July. It started with us sleeping right through the 5k we fully intended participating in. Oh well. We did make it to the ward breakfast and games celebration however. After some muffins and yummy summertime fruit, we participated in a rousing game of water balloons and then headed back home for some more laziness. We spend a good majority of the day lounging around and trying to stay cool in our un-airconditioned home (it was a long and busy weekend, so we needed it). At 4pm we headed for beautiful Sausalito to Tom and Auntie's house. The company was wonderful, the weather was cool and breezy, and the food was great (especially the s'mores- my idea!)
Ben absolutely loved the fireworks this year. In fact, he was a bit of a fireworks policeman; ordering everyone else to stop talking and watch the fireworks. He even told the teenage daughter of a family friend to "stop texting," "put your phone away," "watch the fireworks." He pretty much had everyone laughing the entire night. We got to see the very up-close and personal show in front of Angel Island, and then got to see the two simultaneous shows over the bay in San Francisco. It really is the perfect spot for fireworks. Traffic was pretty bad leaving, and after sitting in stop-and-go traffic for about ten minutes, a very tired little boy from the back seat asked me if he could go to sleep now. And then with my permission, he was out!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ben's 3rd Birthday Party

My baby turned 3 last Sunday! I can't believe it. I'm first going to start with his birthday party we had a couple Saturdays before his actual b-day. I decided to have it at a park this year since our place is tiny and we live too far from the parents to use one of their houses. I really liked it because of the easy cleanup, but because parking is so far away from our picnic spot, setup was a huge pain. It was a mad dash to get everything ready before the guests showed (and it wasn't ALL ready when the first guests arrived) because it took over an hour for James and I to bring down all the tables, chairs, and decor to the picnic spot. Honestly I was pretty bummed about this because I wasn't able to take photos of all of the details prior to the party beginning, and didn't think to get any once the guests arrived. So some of my hard worked out details I didn't get photographed, which makes me feel silly I came home so disappointed about after the party, but I spend a lot of time planning, so I couldn't help it.
But I really think that everyone had a great time, including the one who matters most, Ben. He did start off a little overwhelmed by all the attention and was clingy to me at first, but loosened up when the games started and then of course by present opening time! So many friends and family came out to celebrate Ben, and we couldn't have been more grateful. I'm too lazy to comment on all of the photos, so I'll just let them tell the story of the day by themselves.

It really was a great day and I think that the birthday boy felt very special!