Monday, July 18, 2011


I'm finally getting around to blogging about a momentous occasion, Ben's third birthday. I really cannot believe that it has been three years already, even though it feels like this little boy has always been in my life. We kept the day low key with a yummy donut cake for breakfast, and a small family picnic dinner in the evening to celebrate. Ben thought he already had his birthday anyway (his party a couple weeks earlier).
Ben has grown up so much over the last few months, and is really a little person (not much baby left about him). There are so many things I can say (aka brag) about him, but in keeping with his years of life, I thought that I would mention the top three things I love about him.
1.) He is full of personality- Everyone has always told me since Ben was young, how much personality he has. He talks just about non-stop, and once he warms up, he is always the life of the party. He enjoys making people laugh and pays attention to what does it. While he is not always Mr. Outgoing, once comfortable, he will entertain people with singing and dancing. He is very much interested in music, just like his daddy. He knows the words (almost completely) to "Twinkle, Twinkle" and "Old McDonald." He listens very intently to songs on the radio in order to memorize a line or two from the chorus, and then very proudly announces that "I can sing that song now." His favorite song right now is Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" (so age appropriate I know). At his Auntie's wedding last weekend we had the DJ play it just for him, and he ran out onto the empty dance floor and performed a rousing breakdance number for everyone! He is always saying the funniest things, and I really kick myself for not recording down everyone of them. He even says the darndest things in his sleep. A couple nights ago he was in our bed and somehow managed to stick his foot down the husband's underwear. When James pulled his foot out, Ben half way awoke and asked his daddy "why did you take my sock off?" I honestly peed my pants a little in the morning when James told me this. : ) Ben really keeps us laughing in our house, and it's really fun for me to see how this outgoing, talkative, energetic little boy came from two people who aren't exactly all these things themselves. I have a feeling that because James and I look so similar, we are going to have one of those families where everyone really looks alike. But I know that each member will posses an amazing and truly unique personality, all their own. Ben has shown me that!
2.) He is so lovey- He tells both myself and his daddy that he loves us at least fifteen times a day (unprovoked)! He is always asking to snuggle, especially with James, because he knows how much his daddy loves to snuggle too. Ben is very compassionate and always asks me if I am feeling better when he knows I'm under the weather (usually with a migraine). He will even remember the next day if I go to sleep with a migraine, and will ask me first thing in the morning if my head is better. He loves his extended family and asks about them all the time and always wants to visit them. And when six-month-old Olivia (little girl I nanny for) gets dropped off in the morning he tells her she "looks beautiful" and gives her big hugs. I never have to beg for hugs either; all day he offers them and big kisses too. I sure hope this side of him lasts.
3.) He is so observant- Ben will notice right away if something has changed in the house. He always notices when I clean (more so than the husband). A few days ago I cleaned up his room while he was in the bathtub, and when he got out and walked into his room he said, "oh, mommy. My room looks beautiful." He notices when he, James, or myself are wearing something new. He'll ask where we got it and say it looks very nice. Being a guy, these kinds of things are huge. : ) His observant ways also make him very curious (not always a trait I love about him). Ben asks many, many, many questions a day. He can really make my head spin sometimes, but I know it means that he is and will be an eager learner. He always wants to know what's going on everyday, and doesn't forget a thing that I tell him; so if I say something to him, I better be for darn certain that it's going to happen, because he will remind me.
I love you baby and have enjoyed these last three years as your mommy! Happy birthday!

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