Monday, July 18, 2011

Sweet Summertime

Summer is just flying by so fast I can hardly believe it, and it doesn't always quite feel like summertime around here with the unusually cool weeks we've been having, but we have been able to squeeze in some good ol' fashioned summertime fun.
We have enjoyed a drive in movie or two. With the interesting sights (aka kids on top of SUV's), cheap price tag, and toddler-proofness, you can't really beat the drive in. My little car makes out into the perfect spot too. Although it hasn't been too comfy since we lost our air mattress plug, and although we gave it two good efforts to creatively plug in the air, we failed miserably both times, and spent the majority of the movies on the hard car floor.
Ben has enjoyed a cold snack or two. His favorites include slurpees from 7 Eleven, ice cream cones, and popsicles.
This week we went to a free concert in the park and actually got to see a known band, Neon Trees. It was pretty cold and we couldn't actually see the band, but a bag of cotton candy made it all worth it!
Yesterday our little cousin Dylan turned one and Tom and Auntie threw an amazing party for him on Angel Island. Ben enjoyed his first ever boat ride from Sausalito to the island. It was great weather for the city and we enjoyed a long, fun day with great family and friends.
I am hoping to still squeeze in a short camping trip before the summer completely passes us by, but we will see. Lots of things upcoming.

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