Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lost the Locks

Jackson had his first hair cut (other than the hack job I gave him earlier this spring) last week. I thought I better get him cleaned up before his auntie's big wedding day although I was sad to cut off his baby locks. It started much better than big brother's first haircut with him climbing up into the big chair. He looked so tiny. He was a very good boy for a long time. She needed to trim by his neck so needed him to look down. To accomplish this I kneeled down on the floor in front of him and had him watch a photo slideshow in my phone. All was going well until I couldn't stand kneeling anymore and stood up but kept the phone down for him to look down at. For some reason this got him upset and he cried for a while because he grew irritated with his hands underneath his cape. He wanted to hold the phone himself. After a while he calmed down thanks to a blue lolly and was a champ through the rest of the haircut. Big brother got his cut at the same time. And daddy went after them. I've never been really satisfied with the cuts Ben got at kiddie haircut places so I think this will be the boys spot for a while (one stop and they're all done). 
They cut it a little shorter than I wanted but he still looks so cute. Just missing the longer locks. It will grow. The lady asked if I wanted to save some of his hair but I passed. These pics are enough for me. 

Bouncing off the walls

I was expecting that I'd probably pay for the late long nap that Jackson had today. But church always throws off the normal nap routine and I couldn't wake him since he had a late night last night at the movies with his GG and brother. So a three hour nap till 3:30 happened today.

We had company over tonight so I let the boys just watch a show in my room while us adults chatted instead of putting them to sleep yet. This was at 8:30. Soon afterwards they came downstairs and began to chase each other around the house, laughing hysterically and having a great time. This was after Ben told me that I'm going to need to wash my sheets. Why?  Because Jackson spilled water all over it and there are lots of crumbs. Great. Then we all headed upstairs for bed and for me to survey the sheet damage. Wiped off the crumbs and put a towel down over the huge water spot. Luckily it was in the middle of the bed. Nothing we can't sleep with tonight. Also on our wet crumby sheets was the reason for the boys sudden burst of energy. The little stinkers had snuck up a package of Trader Joe's power berries and ate the whole bag.  Luckily James got Ben to go to bed with no fuss because he promised him a snuggle sesh and like his daddy he's a sucker for snuggles. I entered the boys room to put Jackson to sleep. This was at 9:30. I crawled into his toddler bed to commence our bedtime routine while Jackson stood on his bed, leaning against the wall, and in his own baby way seemed to be counting to three, which involved yelling out "e" every time. After the countdown he would plummet head first into his bed attempting to do some kind of a flip. He continued to do this for several minutes. Then he moved on to kicking the wall with his foot hard and loud. I thought for sure his daddy was going to come in and grumpily remind me that he has to be up at 4:30 (he works east coast hours). Luckily that didn't happen. I then had to pull out my secret weapon. My phone. My kid is so vain and loves nothing more than watching pictures and video of himself. A first tonight for him was pointing to himself and saying "me" when I showed him a new picture I took earlier today. We watched a slideshow and I thought he was calming down until he out of no where slapped me and then started to growl at me. Darn power berries. But alas it happened. Finally in the very dark of his room i felt his arm slip around my neck. I know that once he does this and if he holds still for about ten seconds that he's falling or in tonight's case crashing to sleep. Now it's 10:30. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Our weekend kicked off on Friday morning with a well-desereved trip to Chuck E Cheese.  Bedtime went very smooth all week long (we are talking 7 pm bedtime, both boys to sleep within ten minutes, good)!  And this was the promised reward.  Jackson was so funny.  As soon as we walked in he started to do a happy dance and was pointing and yelling at everything.  Ben was trying to hold him back from running off while I paid for tokens.  Both boys had a great time.  Ten dollars isn't bad for about an hour and a half of fun entertainment and a few treats to go from our tickets.  Ben really impressed me on the basketball game and made probably 15 out of 18 baskets.  His proud daddy posted a video on instagram.
Chuck E Cheese himself came out for a little party time with all the kiddos as the danced around the place.  Jackson was following closely behind and seemed to like the giant mouse.  But as soon as he waved at him he burst into tears.  Ben took a picture with him to try and show him that he's nice, but he remained very weary of the large rodent.  Then for some reason Ben started crying, and his only response when I asked him why was "Jackson."  Sometimes these brothers have so much empathy for each other.  Sometimes.
/\ /\  Trying to comfort him after his mouse sighting. /\ /\
After Chuck E Cheese and lunch and our favorite Taco Bell I dropped the boys off with my parents for a little fun time with my main man.  I was so pleased when he suggested a temple date night.  The grounds were so beautiful and I felt the spirit strong.  We have so many decision lingering in our minds and it was the perfect place to go seeking some answers.  Plus afterwards we always go to Fentons.  Yum.  As per usual we shared a BBQ bacon burger, a half and half basket of fries, and a double scoop hot fudge sundae (cookie dough and cookies & cream), with and this is key, chocolate whipped cream.
Saturday morning was spent at another beautiful shower for my little sister-in-law (I made that adorable hat below).  Then I went to pick up the boys only to have the big one beg me to stay one more night.  So I came home with only Jackson in tow.  Once you have older children and/or more than one child, having just one small child is a breeze.  Plus it helps that he is the best little guy ever.  We walked about a three mile round trip to Panda Express for a little dinner date and then picked up a Redbox.  Jackson lay with us the whole time, awake, watching a movie that he didn't understand one bit.  Gotta love that kid.  At one point I looked over at him and smiled at his general cuteness and he stared back at me smiling.  He enjoyed this love fest so much that he didn't want it to end and would grab my face whenever I tried to look back at the movie.  : )
Our weekend ended like it always does, with the Sabbath and church.  Below is Jackson with his wonderful nursery teacher.  She also was my third grade teacher, and always one of my favorites.  Jackson loves nursery and just walks right on in.  I love peeking in on him through the portholes on the door, and this is how I always find him when I pick him up- in Sister Olson's lap.
And it's just not Sunday without some snuggly downtime, which usually results in a nap or two!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's a Great Day

It's already back to school for us in my neck of the woods (year round school).  We decided to put Ben in one more year of pre k (he will have three years total).  He just turned five so isn't too close to the cut off or anything but we decided that with people holding their children back now more often than not, we'd rather not have him be almost a whole year younger than some of his classmates.  And him being a boy, we also think it can't hurt to have another year of maturity and growth on his side also as he goes through his academic career.  
My mother-in-law started an at home preschool the year James and I graduated high school, and she called her school It's a Great Day.  She since retired and last year opened up her own business (Nothing Bundt Cakes), but passed the torch to her assistant, Ms. Janet.  So Ben is attending Ms. Janet's It's a Great Day preschool and he loves it.  The night before school started I gave him the choice for dinner and he choose Taco Bell.  He asked if we can dine in, and was thrilled when I said yes!  It's the little things.  We topped off his "last supper" meal with Cold Stone.  I was a little worried about getting back to a good bedtime and morning routine for school starting.  I was pretty relaxed with our schedule this summer and Ben got a little too used to late nights.  The day before school started he slept till 9:30 am.  Rare for him, but a bad sign for school starting.  Well, I created a new bedtime routine for both boys and can you believe it, I've been managing to get them both to bed in their own beds in their shared room at the same time by no later than 7:30 all week.  I feel like a new woman with all this time to myself in the evenings.  With the early bedtime the mornings have been a breeze with Ben actually up at 6:30.  Luckily he lets me sleep in a little longer and turns on the TV for himself.  Although the first day of school he excitedly woke me up at 6:22 asking me if it was 7:30 yet?  
I have been so proud of him that he has walked right into school fully confident and excited to be there.  He already knows Janet and a couple of the kids there from church so that helps.  I am excited to see all the growth he will experience this year.  My goal is to have him sounding out words and perhaps reading a bit before kindergarden.  Mostly I just want him to enjoy his last year before the real deal begins; kindergarden these days is no joke!  
/\ /\  The mandatory porch picture. /\ /\
/\ /\  Love this shot of my too cool for school kid. /\ /\

Monday, August 5, 2013

Love Is Blooming

So my little sister-in-law, whom I've known since she was eight-years-old, and used to babysit and read Junie B. Jones books with, is getting married in just three short weeks.  I really cannot believe it.  But I am of course so happy for her and James and I both just love Andrew.  We kicked off the wedding festivities with a family bridal shower this Saturday in Sausalito at Aunt Stacie's house.  I was the co host, but please don't give me any create for the beauty of the day, I was merely a helping hand.  Stacie did an amazing job and pulled off her theme beautifully: bloom where you are planted, and incorporated the places they have lived and traveled beautifully.  And with a view like the one from her place, the perfect backdrop to the perfect day was set.  I will just let the photos speak for themselves.
/\ /\ Good friends, turned almost sister-in-laws. /\ /\ 
/\ \/  I had to include some of the bride-to-be's cute reactions to her gifts!  \/  /\ 
/\ /\  Check out that skyline.  /\ /\ 
It was a beautiful day, celebrating a beautiful girl!  And the festivities continue with shower #2 this Saturday.  You deserve all the love Amanda.