Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's a Great Day

It's already back to school for us in my neck of the woods (year round school).  We decided to put Ben in one more year of pre k (he will have three years total).  He just turned five so isn't too close to the cut off or anything but we decided that with people holding their children back now more often than not, we'd rather not have him be almost a whole year younger than some of his classmates.  And him being a boy, we also think it can't hurt to have another year of maturity and growth on his side also as he goes through his academic career.  
My mother-in-law started an at home preschool the year James and I graduated high school, and she called her school It's a Great Day.  She since retired and last year opened up her own business (Nothing Bundt Cakes), but passed the torch to her assistant, Ms. Janet.  So Ben is attending Ms. Janet's It's a Great Day preschool and he loves it.  The night before school started I gave him the choice for dinner and he choose Taco Bell.  He asked if we can dine in, and was thrilled when I said yes!  It's the little things.  We topped off his "last supper" meal with Cold Stone.  I was a little worried about getting back to a good bedtime and morning routine for school starting.  I was pretty relaxed with our schedule this summer and Ben got a little too used to late nights.  The day before school started he slept till 9:30 am.  Rare for him, but a bad sign for school starting.  Well, I created a new bedtime routine for both boys and can you believe it, I've been managing to get them both to bed in their own beds in their shared room at the same time by no later than 7:30 all week.  I feel like a new woman with all this time to myself in the evenings.  With the early bedtime the mornings have been a breeze with Ben actually up at 6:30.  Luckily he lets me sleep in a little longer and turns on the TV for himself.  Although the first day of school he excitedly woke me up at 6:22 asking me if it was 7:30 yet?  
I have been so proud of him that he has walked right into school fully confident and excited to be there.  He already knows Janet and a couple of the kids there from church so that helps.  I am excited to see all the growth he will experience this year.  My goal is to have him sounding out words and perhaps reading a bit before kindergarden.  Mostly I just want him to enjoy his last year before the real deal begins; kindergarden these days is no joke!  
/\ /\  The mandatory porch picture. /\ /\
/\ /\  Love this shot of my too cool for school kid. /\ /\

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