Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lost the Locks

Jackson had his first hair cut (other than the hack job I gave him earlier this spring) last week. I thought I better get him cleaned up before his auntie's big wedding day although I was sad to cut off his baby locks. It started much better than big brother's first haircut with him climbing up into the big chair. He looked so tiny. He was a very good boy for a long time. She needed to trim by his neck so needed him to look down. To accomplish this I kneeled down on the floor in front of him and had him watch a photo slideshow in my phone. All was going well until I couldn't stand kneeling anymore and stood up but kept the phone down for him to look down at. For some reason this got him upset and he cried for a while because he grew irritated with his hands underneath his cape. He wanted to hold the phone himself. After a while he calmed down thanks to a blue lolly and was a champ through the rest of the haircut. Big brother got his cut at the same time. And daddy went after them. I've never been really satisfied with the cuts Ben got at kiddie haircut places so I think this will be the boys spot for a while (one stop and they're all done). 
They cut it a little shorter than I wanted but he still looks so cute. Just missing the longer locks. It will grow. The lady asked if I wanted to save some of his hair but I passed. These pics are enough for me. 

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