Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wedding Week

My sister-in-law's wedding was the most eventful week of our summer (says something about our summer doesn't it).  But really it was jam packed of lots of fun, adult events.  We kicked things off on Wednesday with mani and pedis, which for this girl, is a big treat.  I loved the look of my natural shellac fingernails, and one day when I do get my nails done regularly, this will be my go to look.  After the pampering we went to mexican food for lunch, yum.  Jayson my brother-in-law watched the boys.  Thanks Jay.  Then that night was very special as Amanda took out her endowments at the temple.  Followed by Fentons of course.  I got to switch it up with the ice cream since James bowed out of dinner (east coast hours require early bedtimes).  The mint chip was to die for.  Tasted just like girl scout thin mint cookies.  Good food was really the theme of the week and it continued the next night with Benihanas for the bachelorette party.  We may not have the wildest bachelorette parties, but it sure was a night to remember.
And the yummy food continued with the rehearsal dinner at Vic Stewarts Steakhouse.  A fun and special night with two great families.  I really love Andrew's family.  Especially his ten-year-old brother Alex.  He is such a character.  At the dinner he all of a sudden stood up on his chair and started tapping his glass to make a toast.  He said that since he wasn't going to make a toast at the wedding, he wanted to say something now.  And then he buried his head into his arms and started to cry.  I teared up thinking to myself how sweet it was that he was crying.  Then I realized that he was only messing around.  Certainly had me fooled.  Funny kid.  Looking forward to more family fun with the newest additions, the Kalinowskis!
/\ /\ James and his new brother-in-law. /\ /\ 

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