Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Disneyland Part 1: Preppin and Road Trippin

I think that I was just as excited if not more for our Disney trip than Ben.  I was super excited that it was going to be just my mother-in-law and I and the boys.  The perfect combo.  I knew it would be all about the boys and we wouldn't have to wait on a ton of people to make a decision about what to do next.  I wanted to make the most of our two days so I did lots of research and mapped our days out (of course we didn't follow it to a T or anything, but we made sure to go to all the must see shows and parades).  I felt a little bit like Danny Tanner.  Remember the Full House episode of their trip to Disney when everyone was annoyed with Danny's meticulous itinerary?  
My prep for the big trip also included making the boys a little felt friend.  Ben and I discovered that felt was super easy to work with when we created a little minion the week before for our drive in movie theater experience.  He even sewed it all by himself (I'll have to blog about that after Disney).  I made Jacky a little Mickey and Ben a Goofy seat pet.  I attached some velcro straps to the back so it fit around his seat belt and served as a bit of a car pillow.  The picture below is proof that it served its purpose pretty well.  I also made sure to shop for lots of snacks to have handy for the car rides and to bring in to the park.  I'll definitely be doing that again as it saved us from having to purchase lots of park snacks (but not completely because as my mother-in-law said, "the junk is just part of the experience!")
The car rides went fairly smoothly.  The boys watched a couple movies, drew a few pictures, and got to open up hourly surprise bags from their GG filled with crafts and snacks.  They slept at all the right times so they weren't too wired when we arrived in LA and then back home, both late.  The ride home catastrophe struck when Jackson managed to break the dvd player.  We tried to entertain him with the Disney Jr. app but his shows kept turning off due to lost signals.  And well my boy he likes him his Disney Jr.  At one point he was screaming so loud and so much that he actually made himself throw up.  Yikes.  Needless to say he drove home the rest of the way shirtless.  But happy, as his shows were up and running again and the rest was smooth sailing.
Next up on part 2: our California adventure! 

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