Thursday, October 10, 2013

Disneyland Part 3: The Happiest Place on Earth

Day two of our trip was spent at Disneyland.  It was a bit more crowded than CA Adventure, but nothing compared to the peak times.  It was such a fun time of the year to go with the park all decked out for Fall/Halloween and the weather was gorgeous, warm and breezy.  We still got to go on and see all the kiddie stuff, and Ben didn't know what he was missing anyway for the stuff we didn't have time for.  Plus, despite going on a big roller coaster the day before, he was still nervous about ones like Space Mt., Indiana Jones, etc.  He knows all about them because his GG downloaded the Disneyland app onto her phone and he'd been studying the park leading up to the trip, and they looked like a little much. : ) 
Ben collected the pressed pennies all over the two parks and I think came home with seven or eight.  
Our first order of business was to make their Mickey hats.  I told Ben I prefer the classic ears, to which he disagreed, but then grabbed them anyway when he was looking on his own.  Guess he didn't know what I meant by the classic ears.  : ) 
The boys were good in the lines, just crazy because we couldn't contain Jackson (so wish you could push your stroller through the lines).  They both wanted to climb the entire time on whatever they could get their hands on and I was just stressed because I was worried our trip would be cut short due to a trip to the emergency room.  Thankfully no such injuries occurred.  
I just love Jackson's face in the photo below.  This about sums up his reaction to the rides.  During it's a small world he stood the entire time and pointed at everything.  Ben on the other hand thought that this ride was "a little annoying." 
Toon Town was a hit and finally provided a safe place to run and climb.  After a little climbing, Jackson took this opportunity to take a nice stroller nap with Mickey.  
Had to squeeze in the classics: the Tea Cups and Dumbo the Flying Elephant.  Two hits for the boys.  
Parade #2.  Jackson was the cutest and had to wave and say hi to everyone.  He even yelled out "Donald" just as clear as day, so of course his GG had to get him a Donald Duck before we left.  
Ben was such a trooper both days walking around the parks, and even the five or so blocks from the hotel.  But by the time we were leaving for our interlude at the hotel his feet needed a little break.  
After a quick hotel break we were back for more action and the amazing fireworks show.  We had a great view of the castle but when I looked over at Ben behind me during a most spectacular part he was just about fallen asleep.  It was time to say goodbye.  We had fast passes for Indiana Jones, but between his sleepiness and worries that it would be too scary, it was a no go.  Next year for sure.  
Yeah Ben's face pretty much sums it up.  We were all spent.  Two days were plenty and we will catch everything we missed next time.  It was truly a magical time spent with my boys and mother-in-law.  Both boys were so good the whole time and I couldn't have been prouder, especially of Ben.  The memories we made were priceless and I look forward to our next trip!

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