Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Disneyland Part 2: Our California Adventure

We spent our first day at California Adventure and it was perfect as can be.  No crowds.  Hardly any lines (the longest we waited was about forty minutes for Radiator Spring Racers but then Ben got to go again right afterwards with his GG for no wait- have you heard of the switch pass?)  We were so lucky to spot a few characters as soon as we got there, but not before getting Ben's very first autograph book  Brought back such great memories for me.  Jackson was a little unsure of the characters but did okay standing next to Ben.  But if those giant creatures tried to touch him than watch out.  
We hit up Hollywood Land first and went on the fun Mike & Sully to the rescue ride first.  I wasn't sure what Jackson was thinking as he was very quiet on the ride just looking all around, but as soon as it ended he turned to me and said, "more, more" over and over again.  My biggest must do for Jackson was the Disney Jr. Live show.  He loves Disney Jr. and recognizes all the characters at stores.  He was so cute, standing up the entire time and waving to his favorite TV friends.  I must have been tired and hormonal (it as that time of the month) because I actually started to cry a little bit during it.  I was just so happy to be at such a fun place having fun experience with my boys.  Such a mom.  We immediately rushed over to Cars Land afterwards and it did not disappoint.  So much fun detail.  Jackson promptly fell asleep in the stroller and got a nice snooze in during mine and Ben's long wait.  And while Ben and GG were going on the ride again, I took Jackson on Luigi's Flying Tires.  I love the picture below of him measuring to make sure he was tall enough.  He just made the cut!     
This little caterpillar ride was the only one that the boys got to ride together.  I love my little blondie boys.  
After a quick refresher at the hotel we were back for more action.  We had to walk Route 66 again and take in all the neon.  Unfortunately it was crazy windy and the light and water show was cancelled, but on the plus side that took care of most of the crowds.  Ben also rode on his first big roller coaster that night, Goofy's Flight School.  We had no idea it was going to be so wild, but he loved it and went on twice.  Both boys were at perfect ages and weren't scared on any of the rides both here and in Disneyland, including Pirates of the Caribbean and the It's Tough to Be a Bug show, which is pretty intense.  
We lasted until about 10:30 and called it a night.  And we slept very well that night.  Stay tuned for our visit to the happiest place on earth!

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