Thursday, October 31, 2013

Phineas & Ferb's Halloween Special

Favorite memories:
  • Ben was so self conscious about that orange hair of his.  For a little guy he is very concerned about what people think.  I'm working on it with him. 
  • We brought the stroller with us trick or treating but Jackson walked the whole time.  Mostly ran.   
  • Jackson also held his bag by himself the whole time.  I tried to take it from him as it filled up but he insisted.  Towards the end he was dragging it. 
  • Ben took great care of Jackson, holding his hand and leading him up to every house.  It started to get old, especially when Jackson became distracted by the decorations and costumes and was causing a delay in the candy receiving.  There may have been a house or two that Ben came back crying from.   
  •  Jackson's barely audible "trick treat" he learned to say just before the big day. 

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