Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Monstrous Good Time

A couple months before Ben's birthday I suggested to him that we skip a big party this year and take his two best buddies on a special outing instead.  I am all about throwing a party but we moved in with my in laws for a little while in a new town and I wasn't sure how many buddies he would have in the new place by his birthday (he's got a few great ones already).  He was sold on the idea.  I was hoping a circus or Disney on Ice would be in town around the big day but no such luck.  Not until we realized that Monster's University would be coming out the weekend before his birthday.  So a movie and pizza party it was.
The night started off with Ben's first surprise in the car.  It may not look like much but this kid has been waiting for a booster seat for a long time!  He was so excited when he saw it, even did a little dance (wish I got that on video).  A few minutes into the ride it dawned on me what the strange text from Fandango may have meant.  See I purchased tickets from Fandango the day before because I was not taking any chances of it being sold out, even on a Monday at 4:30.  Earlier in the day Fandango texted me "hope you enjoyed your movie."  Finally I thought to myself hours later while in the car, enjoyed, why did they say enjoyed?  I quickly pulled up my tickets on my phone and realized I purchased tickets for Sunday at 4:30.  I quickly called the theater and they said they would swap them out for me.  Phew.  Only problem was I had to get one of the party goers mom's to do it for me since we had a long drive ahead of us.  Shannon came to the rescue and we got our tickets.  It actually wasn't close to being sold out in the end.  But could you have imagined?  Sad kids.
He looks so old.  
Ben and his pals, Beau and Grady are the cutest of friends.  They have been friends for two years now, which for them is forever!  They don't see each other very often since the move so they were extremely excited! But were very good through the movie.  We only had to hush them a couple times.  I found little green bins and Monsters University water bottles and cups (for popcorn) to hold all their movie time goodness.  Beau's mom doesn't allow too many sweets in her house so he did not hold back on the candy and especially not the popcorn, I think I refilled his cup four time.  Yikes!  Sorry Shannon.
See their "student" ID cards.  Meet Ben Gooie, Grady Eversnoot, & Beau Beetlebrain. 
After the super cute movie we headed over to the pizza parlor for pizza, cupcakes, and presents.  It was a very fun and simple celebration.  Literally no stress, other than my mis purchasing issue through Fandango.  And I think Ben had the most fun of any party yet.  Shannon texted me after we dropped Beau off that she's pretty sure that was the best night of his life.  May have had something to do with the candy, popcorn, and cupcakes but I think it also had a lot to do with their amazing friendship.  I hope Ben always has such amazing friends!
Mike and Sully cupcakes via Pinterest- of course! 
Home made sweetness from Beau.  
Silly, silly boys. 
  Can't believe my boy is five!  More on that next time.

Friday, June 21, 2013

It's Time to Sleep, My Love

"It's time to sleep, it's time to sleep."
the fishes croon in waters deep. 
 The songbirds sing in trees above,
"It's time to sleep, my love, my love." 
"It's time to sleep, my love."  
"So go to sleep, my sleepy child."
the tigers whisper in the wild. 
The otter utters by the lake.
"It's getting hard to stay awake." 
"So go to sleep, my love."
"Let's go to sleep, my darling love."
so coos the sleepy turtledove.
So drones the drowsy bumblebee
inside its hive inside its tree. 
"Let's go to sleep, my love." 
"I'm getting very sleepy now."
so moos the tired milking cow. 
So croaks the almost-sleeping frog
amidst the settling of the fog. 
"So go to sleep, my love."
Your dreams will be arriving soon.
They'll float to you
in sleep's balloons.
They'll be here when I snuff the wick,
you'd better close your eyelids quick. 
So you can dream, my love, my love.
So you can dream, my love. 
And as you dream inside your sleep,
the fishes crooning in the deep, and 
all the songbirds up above
Will sleep and dream of you, my love,
Of you the one I love. 
You are loved. 

Text by Nancy Tillman 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mother's Day

Mother's Day already seemed like a long time ago, but I still wanted to document the day.  I love being a mom, although it can be very tiring and mundane often.  I have horrible patience and raise my voice far too often.  My little guy is crazy and my big guy is seriously lacking in the listening department.  I have so much more that I need to teach them, especially about being kind and good people.  All that I'm lacking in and have yet to do with these little people can be extremely overwhelming and defeating at times.  But I know it's a learning process, and I know while I don't have forever to get it right, that my kids are forgiving enough to allow me to try again and again and get things better as we go.  I'm so grateful that I get to be on this journey with them.

I'm trying to take more "selfless" of me with the boys.  I tend to be the one always taking pictures so we 
always end up with a lot more pics of James and the boys.  I know that both the kids and myself will 
love looking back on these photos.  Even if they are not usually my most flattering pics.  
Ben showered me with homemade goodies at his preschool's Mother's Day Tea!

Love my little blonde boys! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Psycho's

Ben joined his first sports team and had his first practice/game this Saturday.  His team is the Cyclones. After we picked up his "jersey" and hat from his coach and after purchasing pants, socks, and a belt (the works) Ben ran home and told his dad that his team is the psychos!
We signed him up through our rec. department on a little mini league for three and four-year-olds (you couldn't be five by the time the league started so Ben barely made the cut off- he turns five in eight days!)  It's a very amateur little league to say the least and Ben definitely could have handled a more advanced team, but we missed regular Spring ball because we weren't moved yet.  So it's pretty much hilarious.  The practice (throw balls around) for the first ten minutes or so and then play a "game" against another team for about fifty minutes.  All kids on the team get to bat off a T before they switch (no outs and no keeping score).  The kiddos run one base at a team until the reach home as their teammates bat.  The other team stands in a big clump in the middle of the field and then dog piles each other as they chase after the ball.  The poor coaches out there are working just as hard as the kids trying to manage it all and keep some order to it.  Ben had fun and got a couple great hits off the T, so we love it, and Ben will be more than ready next year for Spring ball.
He was the cutest little guy out there.  But I may be biased.  

 I just love his little profile here waiting on his base for his coach to give him the go ahead to run home. 
Jackson was a proud little brother watching Ben's game.
His Daddy sure was proud too.  I love what he wrote on Instagram when I posted a pic from the game: My dreams came true today getting to watch my son play a sport he loves . . . Hopefully the beginning of a long road of great memories!

Peach Picking

We are living back in our old hometown of Brentwood for a little while.  So when in Brentwood do what the Brentwood folk do.  Go fruit picking.  All the orchards were already out of cherries, so we settled on peaches.  The trees were really low and there were lots of fruit within both boys reach.  Even Jackson got the hang of it and was pulling peaches off with both hands.  In no time at all we filled up our red bucket.  Jackson kept trying to drag it around until it got too heavy.
Then we came home and made some yummy peach cobbler!  Good ol' Brentwood.  We are glad to be home!

Summer Snipits

Just a little glimpse into our summer so far.
We have enjoyed a cold treat or two. 
A beautiful day on the beach with an old friend. 
Lots of swimming and more snacking. 
Bike rides happen almost daily. 
Brotherly bonding!  My favorite.  They love sharing a room. 

A very fun day at the fair with Mimi, Papa, and Ashlynn. 
And of course lots of lounging in the sun!

I've got lots of plans still in mind.  Mostly I just want to enjoy every day with my boys.  Jackson is getting to be at such a fun age and the best part of my day is seeing him play with his big brother.  And I've got lots and lots of blogging to catch up on, so stay tuned.  Moving always throws me off. : )