Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Psycho's

Ben joined his first sports team and had his first practice/game this Saturday.  His team is the Cyclones. After we picked up his "jersey" and hat from his coach and after purchasing pants, socks, and a belt (the works) Ben ran home and told his dad that his team is the psychos!
We signed him up through our rec. department on a little mini league for three and four-year-olds (you couldn't be five by the time the league started so Ben barely made the cut off- he turns five in eight days!)  It's a very amateur little league to say the least and Ben definitely could have handled a more advanced team, but we missed regular Spring ball because we weren't moved yet.  So it's pretty much hilarious.  The practice (throw balls around) for the first ten minutes or so and then play a "game" against another team for about fifty minutes.  All kids on the team get to bat off a T before they switch (no outs and no keeping score).  The kiddos run one base at a team until the reach home as their teammates bat.  The other team stands in a big clump in the middle of the field and then dog piles each other as they chase after the ball.  The poor coaches out there are working just as hard as the kids trying to manage it all and keep some order to it.  Ben had fun and got a couple great hits off the T, so we love it, and Ben will be more than ready next year for Spring ball.
He was the cutest little guy out there.  But I may be biased.  

 I just love his little profile here waiting on his base for his coach to give him the go ahead to run home. 
Jackson was a proud little brother watching Ben's game.
His Daddy sure was proud too.  I love what he wrote on Instagram when I posted a pic from the game: My dreams came true today getting to watch my son play a sport he loves . . . Hopefully the beginning of a long road of great memories!

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