Friday, June 21, 2013

It's Time to Sleep, My Love

"It's time to sleep, it's time to sleep."
the fishes croon in waters deep. 
 The songbirds sing in trees above,
"It's time to sleep, my love, my love." 
"It's time to sleep, my love."  
"So go to sleep, my sleepy child."
the tigers whisper in the wild. 
The otter utters by the lake.
"It's getting hard to stay awake." 
"So go to sleep, my love."
"Let's go to sleep, my darling love."
so coos the sleepy turtledove.
So drones the drowsy bumblebee
inside its hive inside its tree. 
"Let's go to sleep, my love." 
"I'm getting very sleepy now."
so moos the tired milking cow. 
So croaks the almost-sleeping frog
amidst the settling of the fog. 
"So go to sleep, my love."
Your dreams will be arriving soon.
They'll float to you
in sleep's balloons.
They'll be here when I snuff the wick,
you'd better close your eyelids quick. 
So you can dream, my love, my love.
So you can dream, my love. 
And as you dream inside your sleep,
the fishes crooning in the deep, and 
all the songbirds up above
Will sleep and dream of you, my love,
Of you the one I love. 
You are loved. 

Text by Nancy Tillman 

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