Friday, October 11, 2013

Disneyland Part 4: Goofy's Kitchen & Downtown Disney

My boy's GG. she's the best, made us reservations at Goofy's Kitchen on our last day in LA for Ben to get some more autographs in his little book.  It's nice they have this at the Disneyland Hotel since we were too busy to do it on the other days while at the parks.  The food was delicious (our first real breakfast our whole trip since we were busy, busy.)  There weren't a ton of characters and a lot of old school ones, which I found to be pretty funny because my kids had no idea who some of them were.  Jackson had a run in with Chip that left him crying, but he was so eager to get his little book signed that he stuck around for most the characters, albeit at a distance.  Luckily Pocahontas and Aladdin weren't scary at all and he started to warm up to the whole thing.  
We rounded off our wonderful trip with some strolling and shopping in Downtown Disney.  First up the amazing Lego store.  Ben just kept asking, "how long do you think that took them to make?"  It's pretty amazing.  Funny to think about what a dream job it must be to some guy who was a crazed lego builder as a kid.  
And we couldn't leave without a trip to Build a Bear complete with a pirate bear sporting a Goofy football tee, jean shorts, tan dock shoes, and a Pluto baseball hat.  Jackson got a Mickey outfit for his bear at home.  Ben has been playing non stop with Skully since, so it was a good purchase (by GG of course).  I tried to cut her off after that, but the two of them snuck in one last trip to the Disney store for a remote control Lightening McQueen and a Donald for Jackson.  Because as Ben told me, "GG makes the rules, so just listen to her okay."  
One last penny for his collection.  
A shot of the shoppers.  
And one last stroller nap for Jackson before we hit the road.  
Last Disney post I promise.  I just had to record every fun (well, I omitted some to spare you) detail.  Until next time Disneyland.  Thanks for the memories! 

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  1. Holy cow, you have Disney down to a science! I'll have to steal a few of your tricks the next time we go. Looks like you guys had fun!