Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ben's 3rd Birthday Party

My baby turned 3 last Sunday! I can't believe it. I'm first going to start with his birthday party we had a couple Saturdays before his actual b-day. I decided to have it at a park this year since our place is tiny and we live too far from the parents to use one of their houses. I really liked it because of the easy cleanup, but because parking is so far away from our picnic spot, setup was a huge pain. It was a mad dash to get everything ready before the guests showed (and it wasn't ALL ready when the first guests arrived) because it took over an hour for James and I to bring down all the tables, chairs, and decor to the picnic spot. Honestly I was pretty bummed about this because I wasn't able to take photos of all of the details prior to the party beginning, and didn't think to get any once the guests arrived. So some of my hard worked out details I didn't get photographed, which makes me feel silly I came home so disappointed about after the party, but I spend a lot of time planning, so I couldn't help it.
But I really think that everyone had a great time, including the one who matters most, Ben. He did start off a little overwhelmed by all the attention and was clingy to me at first, but loosened up when the games started and then of course by present opening time! So many friends and family came out to celebrate Ben, and we couldn't have been more grateful. I'm too lazy to comment on all of the photos, so I'll just let them tell the story of the day by themselves.

It really was a great day and I think that the birthday boy felt very special!

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