Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Transformation Tuesday

I'm including two transformations today since I already failed at my goal of a weekly post last week.  First up is this striped Polo button up romper that I believe actually dates back to Ben's baby days.  The first chop I made was the legs, chopping it off just below the four buttons.  I then added a nice classic lace to the bottom in an off white to go with the classic Polo feeling.  I then chopped off the sleeves and the collar and used a big strip that I cut off from the bottom to create a strap.  This part was tricky for me and didn't end up perfect but I attached the long strap to the top of the dress and sewed in elastic to the front and back to create a gathered effect.  I hope it ends up fitting her right because the top is a bit wonky. 
Next up is a Sweet Peanut long sleeve button up of Jacksons.  I believe it was 6-12 months so I knew I had the length to work with to make an itty bitty dress.  I left the original bottom heam line but just took in the sides about an inch and a half on each side.  Then I chopped off the collar and the sleeves.  I simply added a little elastic to the arms to give them a more feminine touch and there you have it.  A sweet classic dress for zero dollars.  I must admit I'm pretty addicted to this.  It's super rewarding to create something with your own hands, plus the fact that it's much quicker than creating something from scratch, plus it appeals to my frugalness.  Leaves me more money for accessories- shoes and bows are my weaknesses.  

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