Monday, August 11, 2014

Transformation Tuesday

This week's transformations are for the home.  We've moved a lot in our almost eight years of marriage.  And it seems that every time we move we have a new decorating aesthetic.  Or maybe because this is the first time we've really full out decorated our home exactly how we wanted to.  Either way I had a lot of unused decor sitting in boxes in the shed out back and it dawned on me one day that I should repurpose some of them.  James came to me one day with a DIY idea he wanted to contribute to Elle's nursery.  We gathered all the needed materials except didn't know what he was going to use as the base for the project.  We finally just decided on getting some wood and painting it out.  Then I realized I had lots of unused wood in the form of old signs I had in our last home.  I simply spray painted one of them white and James took the transformation from there.  He taped a cut out of our home state on the board, hammered tiny gold nails all around it and then a heart near the center of the state where we reside in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.  He then wrapped string around the outer nails, bringing them all together around the center nails.  I think it turned out great and makes a sweet touch to the nursery.  Nothing better than something made with love, especially by Daddy.
My second home transformation started with a large sign we used to have on some shelving behind our sofa in our last home.  I hadn't found a place for it in the new house so it sat in a closet.  I had the thought one day to screw some small hooks into it and turn it into a much needed jewelery organizer for my bathroom.

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