Thursday, August 28, 2014

I made that

It has been so rewarding seeing my baby girl in some of the things I sewed for her before she was born.  Most of it still doesn't fit, but these two rompers are the perfect fit and they are my favorite pieces in her wardrobe.  I cannot wait to sew more.  Next up will be some cozy sweats for winter and also some pj pants for the boys.  Oh yeah, and I also helped make the sweet baby girl wearing the clothes too.  She and her two big brothers are by far my greatest and most beautiful creations.  Love them all so much.  Even though one or more of them is driving me nearly mad at most points in the day.  Still trying to crack the code for how one mommy is supposed to meet the needs and attentions of three kids.  We will get there.  I think!
This material is the softest and coziest.  Need to get my hands on more in different colors.  
Close up of the head wrap.  Her bow is almost as big as her head.  : ) 
She is the pineapple of my eye.  
Love the little bum.  And check out her super long feet.  I think my girl is going to be tall. 

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