Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Day 2010

I love my family so much. James and I started the celebration yesterday. We went to a Mandarin temple session at the Oakland Temple (just to change things up; no, seriously, we were just late)! Then we went and shared a delicious burger and an even more delicious Sunday at Fentons in Piedmont. Haven't been? You have to go!

Today we went to church. Came home from church an hour later because Bentley dirtied his diaper twice, which has been going on for over a week now, and we decided we didn't want him to spread this lovely bug around nursery. We ate lunch. Then took a family nap. It was lovely. Bentley snored REALLY loud though (he's congested now too). Bentley sat on the counter while Mommy baked heart shaped cupcakes, frosted heart shaped sugar cookies, and baked a heart shaped strawberry, white chocolate pizza for Bentley. While on the counter Ben discovered one of the joys of childhood, liking the batter of the beaters. Then we went to the Greene's for a yummy dinner.

Hope your Valentines day was just as wonderful as ours!

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