Tuesday, March 9, 2010

About A Boy

I realize that I seriously need to catch everyone up on my sweet, not so little baby. Bentley amazes me every day how much he has grown and learned in such a short amount of time. He is growing up so fast, and it scares me that I might not be cherishing every precious moment that I have with him. I feel like I need to record more of his milestones on paper, and take more pictures, and capture all of the funny little things he does on film. Most importantly though, although those things are all great, I think mother's loved their babies just as much before all of that wonderful media, I want to really be in the moment with him. Rather than beating myself up about my recent decline in picture taking, I just want to enjoy each moment more. I want to hold on to him at each stage for as long as I can. Take mental pictures of him in my mind; holding on to every feeling he inspires in me, in my heart. I ask him all of the time, if he will stop growing for me; to which he replies, as always, "No!"

Since he refuses to stop growing, here are some of the things that my growing boy has learned or mastered lately:

  • He folds his little arms for prayer.
  • He understands threats to be sent to his room, and immediatly stops whatever bad behavior warranted the threat (at least for a little while).

  • He can climb anything the park can throw at him, and slides down the tall twisty slides all by himself.

  • He says sorry when we ask for an apology and gives hugs and kisses, just to make sure we REALLY forgive him (of course we do).

  • He can almost take his own clothes off, until his head gets stuck in his shirt (he has a big head), and gets his pants to his feet (at which time he trips, and looks to me for help).
  • When we tell him we are going somewhere, he goes straight to the door, and gets upset if we don't immediatly follow.

  • He has mastered the art of persuasion, especially over the three grandma's in his life. He leads them around all day by their fingers. and gets them to do who knows what for him.

  • He figured out how to befriend his Grandma Greene's little dog, Chloe (who used to growl at him). He feeds Chloe all day, and they are quote the twosome now. Chloe is always at Ben's feet or underneath his high chair.

  • His list of words: mom, dad, nana, papa ("bapa"), no, thank you, all done ("all dah"), mornin', ball, dog, and the latest: animal (surprisngly enough, he says it very well).

Like I said I haven't been the greatest picture taker lately (mostly because I lost our camera's charger, so I have to use my parents), here is one picture of my sweet, growing boy. His very first bubble bath. I was always afraid he would eat the bubbles. Again, I underestimated his new found maturity.

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