Sunday, May 2, 2010


A few days before Easter we decorated eggs with my parents. It was the simpliest egg dye kit I have ever used, and the results were really pretty. All you do is drip a few drops of the dye, and then roll the egg around in your plastic gloved hand until the dye completely covers the eggs. Bentley was afraid of putting the gloves on, so just sat on the table and watched.

On Saturday James and I took Bentley to our gym for an Easter breakfast and egg hunt. It was outside and we didn't dress warm enough for the windy morning. Bentley barely ate his pancakes (his favorite) because he was shivering with cold. So we asked one of the ladies working the event, when the egg hunt and activites started? She told us at eleven (two hours away). We drove to the Greene's to watch conference, planning on coming back just before eleven. When we got there, we saw kids leaving in the parking lot, baskets full of eggs. Turns out they started at 10:30. I was a little upset to say the least! They offered to throw some plastic eggs on the lawn for Bentley, but whats the point of that. We just took him home and did that. I really wanted him to run around with other kids. Oh well, next year.

On Easter Sunday, Bentley must have sensed it was a holiday, and woke everyone up promptly at seven. He was excited when he got down stairs and found three baskets full of goodies (from his parents, grandparents, and great grandma). He went straight for the candy of course. Don't you love his hair?

Later that day we went to the Greene's to watch General Conference and enjoy a yummy brunch and dinner. And that was our Easter. I love th holdiays with my son, and know they will get even more enjoyable as he grows.

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  1. Hi Jules! Now that you commented on my blog, I got to check out yours:) Sounds like we have a very similar story...highschool sweethearts, married dec '06, baby in '08! I just have one more kid on ya!
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    Hope that helps! Happy movie making! Nice to meet you.. kinda