Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Years Resolution

I was reading this great blog, when something she said really struck me. She was talking about how she has always been a journal keeping person, and how she had stacks of journals completely filled with the meaningful events of her life. However, she said that she regrets not keeping a better record of the little things. The things that make up her family at a certain given point in time. The small, seemingly insignificant day-to-day stuff that can be forgotten so easily. When I realized that I forget how mine and James' life was (other than the major things: our jobs at the time, where we lived, etc.) pre Bentley, and even how our life functioned day-to-day with Ben, both in school, with very little money at our disposal, I realized that she was really on to something. These are the things I want to record. The big stuff we will remember, because they are well . . . big things. But it's the little things that make up the fibers of our life and weave together to form OUR big picture. So, before I post a wrap up of our year in 2010 (since the last time I posted was Easter, I do have a lot of catching up to do), I am going to copy this wise lady's idea and provide our family's "snapshot."

It's funny how Ben pronounces what as "vhat," so clearly knows his v sound, yet pronounces movie as "moomie."

Speaking of, my kid has become a moomie junkie. His favorites are Shrek and Toy Story (any of the trilogy will do).

James gets to work by 6 a.m. So understandably when he comes home from work at lunch (we live about ten minutes from his office), he takes a quick nap. However, he literally sits up on the bed, three pillows propped under him, and naps for about thirty minutes. I guess he doesn't want to get too comfortable.

Rolling out my garbage cans to the curb every Wednesday evening makes me feel like a real adult (being a wife and mother didn't really do that for me)!

Saturday morning means donuts for our little family. We do walk there (maybe a five minute trek), so that makes me feel a little less guilty.

When we had the convenience of living with my parents, James and I were great about a weekly Friday date night (never had that luxury in Utah with no family and no money), and we think it's really important. Our funnest date night? A one night camping trip. And if garbage cans make me feel like an adult, I can't imagine how I feel when we finally breakdown and start paying for a sitter (we are missing date night since we moved, so it may be soon).
James claims that I am the best microwave heater-upper there is. Whether it be his frozen chimichangas or leftover meatloaf; he praises how perfectly heated it is . . . I think he's just lazy myself :-)

Ben thinks it's a crack up to call his Daddy, "James," and for some odd reason, his Mommy, "Mamot." I have no clue!

We have finally implemented a successful bedtime routine for Ben. 7:15 Bath time with California Baby Calming Aromatheraphy Bubble Bath, 7:45 One episode in Mommy and Daddy's bed of show of choice (usually Caillou), 8:10 Ben calls in Daddy (usually from the living room) to say prayers and read three verses of scripture (we are trying to focus on consistency, rather than quantity). Followed by nigh-night kisses and hugs from Daddy. 8:20 Ben chooses two books for me to read. His favorites are "I'll Love You Forever" and "The Potty Book for Boys." 8:35 I turn on his Homedics Sound Spa, tuned to "ocean" and project lighted image directly above his bed. I lay on his floor right next to his opened door (we are going to be phasing this step out soon), and usually within five minutes once the heavy breathing has begun, I crawl out and close the door behind me.

We walk everywhere, because almost everything is in walking distance: parks, the library, restaurants, shops, and Walgreens. I bought a middle of the road (as far as price is concerned) Joovy stroller, which James hates and reminds me of it every time we walk. The front wheels are a little messed up and I just need to go to the store to see if they can dig me up a copy of my receipt so I cam email it to this lady at Joovy so she can send me new wheels (yah, I really need to get on that). Anyways, we love walking around our new home town (it's probably the most appealing thing about our town to me). And we have our best conversations on those walks.
Whenever music comes on the TV via a commercial or whatever, Ben just has to get up and get his groove on. His dancing is a mix between Elaine on Seinfeld and Kevin James in the movie Hitch. It's hilarious! I'll post a video once I catch him in action.

Every Tuesday my Dad, Ben's "Papa" and my Grandpa, Ben's "Papa Ron" come and visit us. We have developed a routine: first Vasona Park, followed by lunch at Hobees, where Ben always orders the Mickey Mouse "PanPans" (pancakes) and "orange ju." A most excellent tradition!
Well, that's all I have so far. I plan on revisiting this "snapshot" of our family often. Because these are the things I don't ever want to forget.

Please give me some love (aka comment) if you are reading this and care. While I want to do this for my own journal keeping, it is motivating to know that someone out there is reading :-)

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  1. i'm reading! and i have missed your posts! i loved the update and Ben is just gettin so big! His outfits are so grown-up--they look just like something James would wear (not surprising!). Keep it up and I'll keep reading!!