Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Years in Vegas Baby

On Christmas James surprised me with John Mayer tickets at our favorite venue, the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. So on Thursday after Christmas we packed all three of us into the car and made the long drive (made even longer with holiday traffic) to Vegas, and realized about half way there that we should have spent the extra $100 or so to fly! James' Nana and Papa live in Vegas, so they were very excited to have us and were in on the scheme with James.
We spent New Years Eve day looking at some of the kid approved hotels with Nana. I especially loved the Christmas display at the Bellagio, I think it was. The whole display was made from natural materials, such as flowers and acorns. It was beautiful.

The concert was amazing. The Joint is a really small venue, so we were about ten feet from John Mayer. Who by the way makes the craziest faces when he sings. But he is an amazing performer. His skills on the guitar are almost more impressive then his singing and song writing skills. We experienced two things while in line to get in to the concert that reminded us what a crazy place Vegas is. The girl two people behind us collapsed at our feet (alcohol induced). And these crazy John Mayer fans (they have been to twenty shows and were from some east coast state) lost their tickets and weren't allowed in. One of the girls was still sitting outside the building, tears in her eyes after the concert. It was sad.
Bentley meanwhile spent that night and the next with his Nana and Papa being spoiled. Nana even broke down and slept with Bentley (his favorite treat of all). It was so nice to see them with him. I just love for him to be around family, since we were living around none for so long. We wish that Nana and Papa Mike lived closer, but we love getting to visit them in good old Las Vegas. It makes for a fun little get away.

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