Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm Seeing Spots!!!

I always intended to make Ben's costumes. Last year, with being in school still, it DIDN"T happen. This year I actually had some time for it. I didn't want to get too complicated and sew something completely from scratch. So I thought that a DIY dalmatian costume would be something I could handle. First I bought a white fleece sleeper with a hood (which was a great find). Then all I had to do was purchase black (for the spots and ears), yellow (for the collar), and pink (for the inner ears) felt, fabric glue, and red ribbon (for the collar). Then I simply cut out lots and lots of spots, glued them all on, fashioned the cute collar, wrote "Ben" on it, and wolla! I thought it turned out really cute! And I was Cruella Deville of course (my cape was a similar story)!

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