Friday, October 2, 2009

Kickoff to Fall

We went to the pumpkin patch, the first of many fun October events. I wanted to do it all last year, but realized that Ben was too small. Although he still doesn't quite "get" anything, at least he has fun just running around and being in fun atmospheres. 

I really didn't know where to go, so I googled pumpkin patches in Utah. I went to a site that listed different pumpkin patches by county. I saw some of the really well known (expensive) ones, so I figured that all the ones listed would be good. Well, I was wrong. The one we went to was a total dud. They had two rows of pumpkins (two rows!) I never knew that a one-acre piece of land with produce growing on it could be called a FARM! (I was a bit disappointed in case you can't tell).

On the way to the dud, we passed by a nursery that had pumpkins, so I thought we would just settle and go there. And, it was actually great. The perfect size for Ben. Small but lots to do. A haunted pirate ship, a little corn maze, pumpkins, and hay bails galore. All kinds of creepy figures and a little shop that my Mom would have loved (all kinds of cute Halloween decor). 

So it ended up working out great! Ben picked his pumpkin right when we got there. We are going to wait until James' 25th b-day to carve them (the 29th), to keep the tradition alive that his family started.  

Happy October everyone.

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