Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life's a Beach

You wouldn't know it now (rain, rain go away), but the end of January and early February were just beautiful. It was beginning to feel like springtime, and the trees thought so too (I'll have to photograph some of the blooming foliage around here), but mother nature has thrown a harsh reminder at us here in Cali that it is still winter. I guess we deserve it, seeing as how the rest of the country has been hit with winter hard this year. I'm just glad we took advantage when we did and made a trip to Santa Cruz a few weeks back. I guess I finally feel like a true Cali girl in that I now live about twenty minutes from the beach. People seem to just assume growing up in California that you go to the beach all the time. I only went when on camping vacations or on Disneyland trips. Now I'm sure we will be frequent beach goers; besides being gorgeous and a serene place to pass some time, Bentley was really into playing in the sand and scouting out cool washed-up treasures. Life is good!

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