Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to Blogging . . . Again

Right when I was feeling motivated again to start blogging, we sold our desk and packed up our computer for our pending move (more on the big move later). But I am back now and will hopefully make a better effort at keeping my blog updated. Especially in order to capture the joys and trails of this pregnancy, since I didn't write down many of my thoughts when I was pregnant with Ben and it is such an amazing time. But first I am going to go back to July again and try and catch up from there, July 9th to be exact.
On July 9th my sister, Katie got married and it was such a great day. I feel like I slacked a bit in my duties as her maid of honor due to the rough start of my pregnancy, so luckily her other b-maids stepped up and I think we all pitched in to make the day great for her. Luckily Katie had the foresight to get just about everything set up the day before, making the day of mostly stress-free. As far as I could see everything went very smoothly.
Ben was an adorable ring bearer, although unfortunately the rehearsal went better than the real thing. At the rehearsal, Ben and Matty held hands down the isle and were just adorable. At the ceremony Ben began to cry and would only walk down the aisle with me. So we walked the aisle hand-in-hand. : ) Also after the ceremony he refused to get in any of the group pics, so things could have gone better I suppose, but he looked so handsome.
Everything turned out I believe just how my sister wanted it and everyone just had such a great time. The food was great, the best men speeches were very entertaining, and Ben danced the night away to Katie Perry. Congratulations Katie. So happy for you and Tim!

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