Friday, September 2, 2011

It's a . . .

This Tuesday (August 30th) was the big day. The day I have been anticipating since Mother's Day-- gender reveal day. I am just NOT one of those mom's who can wait and be surprised. I am much to much of a planner for that. Plus I wanted to get Ben very familiar with the idea of having either a little brother or a little sister. My appointment was at 2 pm so James decided to take the entire day off, which was very nice. We all got to sleep in a little bit and then headed to our new local donut shop for our weekly fix (we missed our normal Saturday because we were camping).
On the short ride over to the hospital I was nervous for Ben for two reasons. One, he fell asleep on the ride over because it was his nap time, so I was worried he would be cranky when I awoke him just ten short minutes later. Ended up being no problem at all. Two, I was concerned that he wouldn't be able to make out the images we would see on the ultrasound and just keep asking where the baby was and feel let down because I have been telling him for weeks that he would see the baby on TV. Well as it turned out he was an expert at deciphering what he saw on the screen. He kept calling out "look there's the eyes," "and the cheeks," etc. I was quite impressed and so happy for him that he was enjoying it so much.
It was unbelievable for me too. It's amazing how much more real it feels once you see that baby inside of you. Just incredible. At first baby was sleeping with little legs tucked under it's body, bum up in the air, hands held close to the face. After the technician continued to move the camera all over my belly, pressing down slightly, baby was aroused from sleep and began to move a little. At this point however, baby is not much of a mover. It did however give us a nice little wave hello and a thumbs up, both of which Ben thought was pretty cool.
We had asked the technician when we walked in to not say the gender aloud because we didn't want Ben to know yet. The next day we had the families over for dinner to reveal the news and didn't want Ben to give it away before the cake (I'll explain in a bit). We asked her to just say B or G. I thought it was very funny when she actually wrote the one letter and didn't even say it. I just sorta thought to myself: lady, he doesn't know how to read yet. When we saw that letter appear on the screen James and I looked at each other, laughed a bit, and smiled goofily of course-- so overwhelmed with love already for this new tiny addition.
Funny side note: Ben kept telling me during the ultrasound that he wants an orange baby. I thought that because I had been telling him that I was going to make either a pink or blue cake to reveal the gender to everyone at the dinner the next night, that he was requesting that I make an orange cake. What I didn't realize, because I was looking at a different monitor than he and James, was the technician was snapping pictures and some of them were orange in color. He was a little disappointed when his orange baby printed in black and white only. But he is excited to have a picture that says "he Ben" on it to put on his family tree page at his new preschool. After we left the doctor's I requested that we go to dinner to celebrate. So my lovely husband treated us to a delicious meal at The Cheesecake Factory.
The next evening both sides of the family joined us at our home for a pizza party and cake reveal. It was a great evening and everyone was excited with the news that a new baby ____ will be joining the family soon. I'm going to make you watch this to find out!

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