Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Today was my baby's first day of preschool. And he did awesome. As soon as I got him out of the car he said "bye, mom" and started walking towards the school. Good sign. Then he got a little cautious and wanted to make sure that I was walking in with him. After washing his hands in the bathroom (which I love that they make them all do upon arrival), I got him situated in circle time and told him that I was leaving and would be back soon to get him. He said okay, so I took my lead and left. Like a bandaid, right. I was the quickest one to leave, but felt good leaving him in a good place, rather than dragging out the goodbyes. I didn't cry, nor was I all that emotional honestly. Mostly it felt strange just leaving him there. I've only ever left him with family and for nursery I'm in the building. So just weird dropping him off and driving away.
When he got home this is what I was able to get out of him over the course of the day: he liked the play doh. He painted a picture of a panda bear, which I'm very curious to see what that looks like (he left it at school). He didn't play with anyone. But it wasn't boring. He was upset that their pet snake was sleeping and the teacher didn't get him out. Yes, they have a pet snake. And yes, they let the kids hold it. All his friends liked his shoes. But no one said anything to him about them. I guess he just got that vibe. Maybe they were all staring at them with envy. He was a little shy to his teacher. He poured his own water for snack. And he got oranges and gold fish crackers. They were asked to bring their favorite stuffed animal with them, and apparently they threw them up in the air. One little boy cried. But he didn't. He didn't miss me (which I told him I was glad because I want him to have fun-- but of course, it sucked a little bit). And someone squirted him with water in the bathroom. What a busy day!
I spent my two and a half hours in a less entertaining matter, but nevertheless quite productively. I: watered the plants in the front and backyard. Washed, dried, and folded one load of laundry. Made mine and Ben's beds. Washed some dishes. Cleaned the kitchen. Enjoyed a pudding cup on the couch. And went to the bank. It's funny how Bentley actually recognized and acknowledged the fact that I would be home alone while he's at school. He pointed out how Daddy is at work and now he will be at school, and I'll be home by myself ALL day long. He assured me that I would be okay and I could just eat breakfast by myself. Silly kid. : )
I am so proud of Ben and couldn't be happier with how the day went. I know that he will enjoy preschool very much and it will be so great for him. Especially once the baby comes for him to have time just for himself, playing with his friends, learning, and accomplishing things that will make himself feel proud. I'm glad I made the decision to start him this year instead of waiting until next. He will get three solid years of preschool before kindergarten and I know he will have a great start because of it. Now here are the classic first day of school pics.

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