Sunday, April 7, 2013

House Poor

We made it through our starving student days.  And survived our starving student with a baby days.  We definitely aren't there anymore.  But it probably feels that way to Ben sometimes.  We are hoping to purchase our first home around next spring.  We have been saving for a 20% down payment (we want to avoid PMI like the plaque) for a few years now.  So Ben often hears the phrases "that costs too much money," or "we have to save our money for the house."  He has had several funny responses to this pursuit.  He has suggested that he could help us to save money if. . .

  • we purchase him a wagon.  That way he can sell things door to door. : ) 
  • we purchase him a larger piggy bank.  His current gum ball machine/piggy bank only holds maybe ten dollars in change.  
On our way home from Tahoe, and after dropping off one of his buddies he told me all about their plan to make a movie.  He explained that instead of paying to go see a movie, that people could pay us to watch ours!  He was very excited about this and then went on to tell me his little pitch: "Ladies and gentlemen, come and see our movie.  Please pay us to see it.  Our family is very poor!"  

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