Sunday, December 15, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree!

We picked out our tree the Tuesday following Thanksgiving.  I was all prepped and ready for a magical night picking out our tree followed by dessert at San Francisco Creamery (which is actually in our hometown of Walnut Creek).  Instead we got two over excited little boys.  The littliest of which was running all around the tree lot, trying to make his way either into the adjoining store or the nearby parking lot.  Ben was only adding to the craziness by chasing him.  So our night really ended with a canceled ice cream date and me yelling at the boys in the car parking lot while James paid for the tree.  At least we got the tree right; silver lining.  
You know though, the good thing about parenthood is for as many lows or difficult moments, there are at least an equal amount of magical, good times.  And decorating the tree the next night was definitely one of those moments.  I let the boys do most of the work and didn't stress if it looked perfect.  Kinda a big deal for me.  While we decorated we rocked out to some Christmas jams, which has been blasting in our house since Thanksgiving.  There is nothing I love more about the holidays than the tree and sitting in our living room in the evening with the only light being that of the tiny twinkling lights on its branches.

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