Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good Intentions

This is the first of a short series of posts to get all caught up on Christmas happenings.  I started the month off strong and had high hopes for all kinds of great Christmas-y plans this year.  But then something happened.  My pregnancy caught up to me.  A picture I almost snapped of Ben (but then he woke up right as I was about to click the camera) sums up perfectly how I felt this Christmas season.  In my rear view mirror one day I saw Ben fast asleep in his car seat clinging tightly to a half-eaten candy cane.  And that was me this last month.  I was clinging tightly to all of my well-laid plans to make this Christmas fun, magical, and meaningful for Ben, yet my body was screaming at me I'm tired, slow down, no more!  So I started to listen.  And guess what, everything turned out just wonderfully.  I had to keep listing to myself the things that we had done during the very fast Christmas season though to keep from feeling guilty at times.  I know it's not all about these things we do or think we need to do, but I didn't want to completely surpass all the fun traditions of the holiday.  So we did manage to...

get and decorate an extremely large real tree (almost eleven feet).  Despite the fact that it fell down on us twice- once after completely decorated- and took us nearly a week to go from purchasing to decorating the tree for the second and final time, every time I look at it I think to myself it is the most beautiful tree I've ever seen.
hang our new Etsy stockings with care on a "real" mantle.  I love our new stockings and loved to include our almost new addition Jackson in the mix.
decorate some fine smelling gingerbread people.  It was an intense endeavor for Ben as you can very well tell.
drove around looking at Christmas lights and found the mack daddy of all houses thanks to a tip from our neighbor, Sean.  A house we have named "the crazy house."  We heard their PG&E bill for the month of December is $5,000.  Crazy!  The best part was the house next door was completely devoid of all lights, except a light sign that said ditto with an arrow pointing to the crazy house.  Best part was that it is right in our development, so we got to stop and marvel over the crazy house many nights on our way home from various Christmas activities. 
and of course wait in line for the one, the only Santa Clause.  Ben was thrilled to tell Santa he wanted a Buzz Lightyear (I also had to convince him that he wanted an art easel, since I already purchased it.  And then just days before Christmas he saw Santa again with his Mimi and new baby cousin, and told him he wanted a t-Rex.  I told him it was too late to change things up on Santa, and luckily he was fine with it.  Phew! 

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