Sunday, January 1, 2012

Parties for Hosting

James and I, mostly I, hosted our first formal holiday party.  We have always been a fan of the formal home holiday parties you see in the movies and on TV, and we finally have the space to throw one of our own.  We hope to make it an annual tradition.  This year we decided to host James' work team.  They are such good friends, and one of their favorite members, Brett, had moved back home to live with his family and telecommute to work, was in town, so it was the perfect opportunity to get everyone together.  It was very fun getting the house ready and planning the food and activities.  I was very glad when it was over but so glad that we did it.  It was great getting to meet the people that James spends his days with and some of their spouses, and to see everyone enjoy themselves.  I was extremely bummed to find out that I had been taking pictures all night with a camera that had no memory card.  But James went around and took pictures of all of the decor and food, which looked almost the same after the party as it did before because I went way overboard with the food.  And thanks to the photo booth area, we ended up with some pictures of the guests.

 Arlina's husband, Bob and Tristan
 James and Brett, aka "BoBo"
 The ladies of the office
 Arlina and her husband, Bob
 Richard, aka "Savage"
Two nights later we hosted some family at the house to open presents and we got to get rid of a little bit of the major amounts of leftovers we had and enjoy the photo booth one last time!

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