Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Homemade with Love

I have been so overwhelmed by all of the beautiful handmade items that friends and family have given me for my little Jackson.  I can't believe all of the time and thought that so many of you put into making something special for my special little guy. 
My Grandma Josie made this beautiful quilt; the first of many, I'm sure. 
 My SIL, Amanda's boyfriend's mother (that's a mouthful) made this super soft blanket.  I love the colors and the owls.
 A friend from church, Julie Cattani, embroidered this beautiful blanket with Jackson's name, DOB, and birth weight and height.  I absolutely love it and it hangs over his crib.

She also embroidered his name on this cute little lovey blanket, which we have named "Elly."
My good friend, Shannon, had her cousin make this super cute diaper and wipe case. 
 Then after seeing Jackson's nursery, which has a coastal feeling to it, she had her cousin make this adorable knit whale.
 Another friend from church, Cara, made this cool travel wipe case.
 And our bishop's wife, Julia Miner, knitted this super soft blue blanket for Jackson.
And Ben made this bear at the Build A Bear factory for Jackson before he was born.  I almost cried when he came home with his dad and played me the cute message he recorded that plays when you touch his left paw: "Hi Jackson, this is brother Ben.  I love you."  So sweet. 
A huge thanks for everyone who put their love and time into these special gifts.  We love them all. 

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