Saturday, May 5, 2012


The one thing that I was most excited about when we found out we were adding a new member to our family was getting to see how Ben reacted to and acted with this new little one.  And although I would have loved (and still wish for one; fingers crossed for next time) a little girl, I was just thrilled to discover that Ben was going to have a brother.  And it has been great witnessing the love these two brothers have for each other.  Even the love that baby Jacky has for his big brother.
I love that Jackson is completely and totally used to his brother.  I mean Ben would have totally freaked out as a baby if a almost four-year-old ran up to him and squeezed on his cheeks, gave him an almost too hard squeezy hug, and was completely in his face using a not so quiet voice.  But for Jackson that's just life.  Don't worry Ben is gentle with him and I always supervise. : ) 
I love how on most mornings Ben and I go into Jackson's room together when he wakes up, and Jack's eyes always go straight to his brothers and he gives him the biggest smile.
I love how Ben would be so mad at me if I put Jackson to bed without telling him and letting him give him hugs and kisses.  But at the same time he wouldn't want me to wake him up.

I love how yesterday at the park Ben was completely involved with some other kiddos in the sandbox while I quietly took Jackson over to the swing.  In less than a minute as soon as we were spotted Ben ran over to witness Jacky's first time in the swing, give him a little push, and then join him on the neighboring baby swing.

I love how I cannot get a solo picture of Jackson if Ben is in the room.  He immediately snuggles up next to him as soon as he sees the camera out.  I also love how he will cuddle up next to him randomly and say "mommy, you should take a picture of us."
I love how one night when Jackson was maybe a month old I was putting Ben to bed and he handed me his baby blanket and said that he wanted to give it to Baby Jacky because he is a baby and that he (Ben) no longer needed it.  
I love how when I told Ben that I needed to find a sitter for Jackson while I worked at his preschool his response was that we needed to find the "best babysitter."  He continued by saying that we should get a doctor because doctor's know a lot about babies.  His final conclusion: "we should get the best doctor to watch Baby Jacky."  So sweet that he wanted the best for his baby brother, and so smart to even think about the importance of leaving Jackson in very capable hands (at least I think so!)
 I just love, love, love these brothers.  I tell Ben all the time that his job is to teach and protect Jackson.  I tell him that they are best friends for life.  I'm so glad to see that they already are, and I pray that they always will be.

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