Thursday, February 7, 2013

A ladybug and a french fry

What do these two things have in common?  They were both in my son's mouth today.  Gross!  Ben alerted me to the fact that a ladybug was on our kitchen island last night.  He asked me not to kill it.  I didn't.  But apparently it was already dead because it was in the same spot today.  I see Jackson standing near the kitchen island this morning just touching the wall and then I see him make a really strange face.  I run over to see what was in his mouth and pulled out a. ladybug.  Still fully in tact so luckily he didn't bite into the thing, but it still grossed me out just the same.  And apparently it grossed out Jacky too.  His face was priceless.

We had fries with dinner tonight and I gave some to Jackson.  He's had them before.  But he kept handing them back to me and pointing at my plate because, well, he wanted dip (ketchup).  He liked this new taste.  So much so that he gave a whole new meaning to the term double dip as he pulled out his chewed up, sucked on french fry reaching it towards me for another go.  Not gonna happen kid.

Oh this kid is sure keeping me on my toes now that he's so mobile.  Full blown walking around EVERYWHERE.  Can stand up from a seated position all by himself and everything.  I catch him climbing on everything, including the couch.  Luckily he has also learned how to scoot backwards safely off said couch instead of the suicide face dives he used to attempt.  Unfortunately I still foresee some broken bones in this kids future.  Yikes.  No fear this one.  Ben likes a silly show called Kick Buttowski on the Disney channel about a kid daredevil.  While we were watching this morning Jackson climbed up on top of one of his riding toys and instead of sitting safely in the seat was standing near the back of the sit leaning forward with his hands on the handle bar.  He looked like a mini daredevil, Evil Knievel style (different than pictured below).

Wish me luck with this one.

And oh yeah I do have another child.  I should probably write something about him sometime.  Or at least post an instagram pic of him one of these days. : )

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