Tuesday, February 26, 2013

California Academy of Science

I feel like such a loser having been born and raised in the Bay Area of California and I feel like I hardly know my surroundings.  Well a great thing that has got me and the boys out there and exploring the amazing things our area has to offer has been the Discover & Go pass (see last post).  Having kids, especially at Ben's age is inspiring me to get out and take advantage of where we live.  And to really love where we live.  Our favorite place we have visited with the Discover & Go pass is hands down the Cal Academy of Science in San Francisco.  We had an amazing time.  Just the three of us.   
Our favorite area was the aquarium.  It was bigger than I had expected it to be and there were so many amazing creatures.  It was so fun to watch Jackson and Ben's eyes light up as the raced from tank to tank examining the various fish, jellies, and who knows what.

There was also a fun small kids only zone where they got to run and around and play, an earthquake exhibit where there was a simulated earthquake (pretty cool), and a delicious cafe where we shared a big plate of spaghetti.
We almost left without visiting the penguins.  The main door to them was closed for construction so I had assumed that the exhibit was closed.  I thought I'd ask before we left though and I was so glad I was.  We were pointed to another door and got to say hello to the black and white cuties before saying goodbye to the museum.
Can't wait for our next adventure.

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